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Worlds In Which We Live

As our local group continues to study time, we came to a discussion of worlds in which we live. Perhaps you could call them dimensions or degrees of perception, but all come under a certain number of laws that make things possible. The more laws a world comes under, the more difficult it is to escape the confines of time.

This means that these worlds exist concurrently from the most mechanical and unconscious to worlds in which we have very deep mystical experiences and beyond. We are unaware of these higher worlds until we build up enough refined energy to perceive them and live by choice.

Gurdjieff delineated these worlds according to The Law of Three, the law of “how things happen” and how many multiples of that law was needed for actualization. He explains that nothing can happen unless there is a combination of three forces, affirming, denying, and reconciling. Both Bennett and Ouspensky have given their schematic of the worlds in Deeper Man and In Search of the Miraculous, respectively.

The first world, World 1, Unfathomable, is one in which there is but one law and indistinguishable from the unity of all things.

The next world, World 3 is one in which the laws are distinguishable as affirming, denying and reconciling.

Then comes the world in which the three laws are in combinations and Creation is possible, and this is World 6. World 6 allows for six combinations which create possibilities for expansion or involution, concentration or evolution as well as free will.

“World 6 is the world of unity within diversity, but lacks the distinction of the one and the many” Bennett

And so it goes on with Worlds 12, 24, 48, and 96. All the numbers refer to how many laws there are in regard to how many combinations of three can happen, so that in the highest world there is only one law, whereas in the lowest world, there are 96 laws. The more laws there are, the more we are subject to our conditioning. It is harder to manifest, to see clearly and objectively and to consciously choose how our life will go.

 We can see that as the worlds descend (increase in number), there is less and less chance of the ability to see the law of three in action. Life is met with much resistance and chaos with no reconciliation possible.

. The first two worlds are actually uncreated and it is not until World 6 that we see organization of things. Gurdjieff deemed this world unfathomable because we cannot imagine this world of one force only. The highest of mystical experiences belong in World 6.

For us, this translates into how we experience life and how we are in no way relegated to one world or another. We dip in and out of higher consciousness unless we have an established secondary and tertiary body that will hold this permanent conscious freedom, one in which what we decide, happens with no resistance. In that world, The Will is our creative source. The more spiritual an existence is the more it can transform as if there were a concentration of Higher Substance available. This is a world in which we understand our own unity and diversity, our individuality amongst the pool of the all and everything. The higher the worlds, the less we use things that are already in existence. Here we can experience things outside of time and space. We can cocreate.

Moving to World 24 means manifesting and actualizing things are subject to time and space. Bennett called this world “The World of Essence” in which we have a rich inner life of authenticity. We have found the means to feed that part of us which is true and deep, beyond the existence of animal impulses which should be relegated to World 48. This could be normal life for us in which our higher self is able to observe our lower self. We see the delusion of regular existence and at the higher end of this world, our true selves wrestle in an interior struggle to concentrate energies for higher transformation.

Unfortunately humanity is living in World 48, World of Personality, and World 96, World of Delusion.

As much as we think we understand our higher and lower selves, what we are usually struggling with are states of identification, reaction and negative emotion. We remain subject to these mechanical states and have no sense of objectivity. If we continue to exist in World 48 with no transformation, any sensitivity produced becomes distorted and we suffer in this lower world of delusion through our own pride, vanity, cleverness, self importance and the like. In world 96, that delusional world, it is as if life is dominated by our likes and dislikes and what we seek is pleasure alone. When we don’t get that pleasure we get filled with negativity.

Our work to solidify our essence and struggle against our habitual reactions is a very great work indeed for it can pull us up out of the lower worlds. That mechanical existence can seem very unmechanical to us where we strive to be successful and master the life of things, but in that world, we cannot see that we are locked in a prison. We believe we have choice when we really don’t. We lose our perspective of relationship with others.

This is how we can come to dominate one another.

This is how we can be delusional enough to destroy our own resources for life on this planet.

This is really a summation of ideas that are not my own, but that have made sense to me over the years as my life evolves. If you want to learn more about these worlds, energies and the various levels of consciousness, read Deeper Man by John G. Bennett, who was a student of Gurdjieff for many years.

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