Awareness School Winter Retreat
January 12-15, 2018

Whidbey Island, WA

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Awareness School Winter Retreat

January 12-15, 2018
Whidbey Island, WA

Opening to Higher Influences

There is a greater force to access from doing the kind of spiritual work we do at the Awareness School Retreats.

To understand why we study things like self justification, guilt, negative emotion and their cause allows us to approach The Work with a deeper meaning.

It is a system and to stay on the outside and watch or to take this practice or that practice without seeing the whole picture leaves us with nothing more than ideas and a way to feed the mechanical parts that cause all of this suffering.

A retreat of this nature gives us the chance to experience these ideas in action.

We elevate ourselves by immersion.


It feels risky.


To get inside of it is to reach the higher influences that reside within this teaching. Those are the B influences that touch us and open our heart. They are ancient and powerful and their source of origin is mysterious and not of ordinary life.


It is beyond anything I can describe.


If you have been wondering about the work my husband and I teach, this is the perfect opportunity to experience a 3-day immersion.


Get your feet wet.

Join our dedicated members and see for yourself the deeper meaning of not only meditation or mindfulness, but the chance to open to a special transmission and activation.

It is about gaining access to influences that do not arise from ordinary life.

The teachings are a system adapted to these present times that were understood long ago about the inner possibilities of people.

It is pertinent for our changing world now.

Join us on the path to inner transformation.

We Welcome You!


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Reflections of Past Retreats

“The retreats have become a measure by which I know myself.  What comes out of the slowing down and listening is without exception, a clearer picture of the trajectory of my life and where my immediate work lies.”

Lauren Kite
Yoga and Meditation Instructor

“The opportunity for self observation and personal growth that exists at these retreats is unparalleled.  Not only have I had many of my own personal breakthroughs in understanding, I often go back and read my notes,  writing and poems. Some of it is extremely profound.”

Mark Gadjos 
General Contractor, Musician

“The retreat allows me to transform energy in a way I never thought about. It helps me bring mindfulness to my every waking moments and brings joy into the mundane. Breakthroughs, release, unity, presence, pushing through fears and frustrations. Learning, always learning and deepening into me.”

Barb Yeakel
Minister and Artist

“When I am at a retreat, I am reminded of a certain state of Being that connects me back to all the retreats I have been to.  Once we all drop into the container held for us at retreat, I notice a different sense of time, sensory presence and connectedness.  The growth we share together is inexplicable and exponential.”

Morgan Brown
Herbalist, Midwife, Mama Extraordinaire

“For anyone who wants the opportunity to grapple with that which holds them back, the retreat is the best place.”

Sean Forde
Software Development Manager

“In these retreats, you get a long term period of meditation, inner exercises, and reminders for attention throughout the day.  Being out of the daily grind and immersed in these practices, most importantly, the movements, helped us to understand true awareness and maintain it afterwards .”

Alysha and Brandon Foshee
Business Managers

Molly Knight Forde, professional classical pianist, speaker, author and spiritual mentor, has been leading people to spiritual and personal freedom through expanded awareness techniques, mindfulness practices and meditation for over 15 years. She facilitates group meditation classes, retreats and workshops in the gorgeous Northwest and takes global one on one clients via skype. Her methods are a unique blend of several traditions that have proven to yield extraordinary results.

She began her adult spiritual practice in Paris as a student of Raymond Kotai Lambert, founder of the Integral Yoga Institute, and an innovative teacher who sought to bring the practice of Zen and Yoga together. Under his guidance for 9 years she immersed herself in the practices of Irano-Egyptian Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kriya, and Zazen.

After moving to Seattle in 1994, she embarked on an intense 10 year participation in Fourth Way Work and its Sufi influences, Sacred Wisdom School and 2 years of Energy Awareness class. She has participated in Gurdjieff Movements seminars around the world and is herself an accomplished Movements teacher.

Molly has received 4 initiations in Tibetan Buddhism, and is a certified Level 2 Reiki Healer.

Her greatest wish is to contribute to the planet by assisting individual transformation through mindfulness, meditation, movement and music.

Awareness School Winter Retreat
January 12-15, 2018

Sacred Dance • Meditation • Mindfulness Together

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Through meditation, dance, and mindful group living we approach what may be intangible by other means and touch upon elements of higher influences. We will create conditions conducive to nurturing the soul by offering methods to spiritually work in the world. Of course, fellowship and sharing self-observations are also a very important component of the retreat.

One of the most effective ways to increase the power of being open to B influences is working together in a group setting held in a very special container. The collective energies bind for a specific powerful purpose. Besides the meditation and dance, we share in cooking organic foods, eating, and socializing. This sets up conditions to learn how to be present in everyday situations.


6:00pm Friday, January 12

12:00pm (Noon) Monday, January 15

Aldermarsh Retreat Center
6436 Maxwelton Road, Whidbey Island


Are you ready to look within in a way you never believed possible?


Do you want to discover what positive momentum really feels like?


What if you could get a taste of profound presence to see what a difference it makes?


What if you found yourself in an environment that promoted your ability to see how your mind gets in the way of you being authentic?

You then take it out into the real world with practical application and experience the ripple effect in every area of your life.

With this increased awareness, you will notice what perpetuates negativity within you.

Those habitual reactions keep you in self sabotage and isolation.

Witnessing what makes you suffer is the road to freedom from it.

If you can see it and accept it without trying to “fix it”, things will change.

Are you open to knowing yourself in a new way?

Then this retreat is for you!


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Price: $500

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