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Virtually Takin’ It To The Streets

Bringing a business online is one of the most fulfilling things I have done in a long time. It takes work, creativity, persistence and open mindedness.  I don’t think I could have seen this coming 5 years ago or even a year ago.

In  twenty years or so of developing my craft and my career, I have developed high level skills, both in classical music performance as well as meditation and mindful living. However, my everyday experience has a completely different look and feel than expertise. I swim through the smallest of victories to the setbacks and failures with equal strokes.

It has required a wrestle with my Ego.  That is the daily grind and  becomes a most interesting and valued aspect of the whole.  In fact, it is the journey and gives me staying power.  How detached and “non identified” can I be with my success or my failure? If I can accept it all as it happens then I know my path is still evolving and growing.

I say all this because I am on a mission.

If I don’t take risk, then I cannot experience the creative edge, the place where life feels oh so real, the possibility that this teaching can catch fire and be a part of the wave of evolution on this planet.This is the place where I wake up and ask myself, ”what is in store for me today” as if it is an adventure, a question, a soft round attention opening toward that subtle space of knowing and not knowing.

The more risk I take, the more I learn about what holds me back, what doesn’t work, and what not to do.


I realize that I don’t like sales at all.  I don’t like getting myself out there and pushing my wares… but guess what? I do like being of service to people and showing them what has effectively and utterly changed my life as well as the lives of others.  I can duck down under the waves of thought and the turbulence of negative emotion and glide through the water of life. That is news worth spreading. When I share the mechanics of how to do this, people are changed too.  They are grateful. They are intrigued by methods that have been passed down through a thread of transmission like a secret code.

I could take it to the streets but many will not actually notice or hear unless they are looking for it, and those are the people this teaching serves.

If I am to find that select tribe, then the code must pass in front of many, many eyes with the subtlety of it all rippling out from the original stone’s throw.  Those ripples do not diminish over time but become larger and I feel it is important that the details and the absolute crux of transformation do not get watered down.  The popularization could dilute the returns.ripples

So, the original idea of bringing a spiritual teaching online can be risky and…salesy but there are millions of people out there and it is time in our own human evolution to practice mindfulness in ways that have never been “mainstream”.

I recently launched my 14 day meditation challenge to 137 people in many countries around the world.  It has been a huge success and a huge learning curve.  Am I casting pearls before swine?

I cannot expect these methods to be wildly popular because they require a sincere effort, radical inquiry, and a burning desire for transformative change.  However, there seems to be a refreshing desire for this on a wider scale.  There is most certainly a need, but as I see it, the ways to effectively satisfy that need are few.  The flurry of sign ups in the first day was encouraging.

To my surprise, this online meditation challenge has shown me that people are genuinely seeking ways to relieve the pain of life as we know it now.  They are drowning in stress, anxiety and negativity.  The increase in pain will automatically increase the desire to take the risk to relieve it.  We may not even realize we are suffering, believing that this is the way life is and must be.

There is a certain tipping point that propels a serious seeker.  All that is needed is a taste to realize just how asleep one is and then experience how sweet the nectar of peace can be.

That taste is like succulent drops of pure water after traversing the most arid desert.  It brings hope and fortitude so that we can carry on knowing there is relief.

It is the sip of expanded awareness; something that has been educated out of us from all directions.  I am reminded of Neo taking the blue pill and realizing he has been wading in a sea of hypnotized zombies plugged into a matrix. We can only know it by waking up!!!!!neo

I want to be of service in this lifetime and I have something of absolute value to offer, so I must reconcile myself to this and create ways to offer a profound teaching in a world that hardly tolerates keeping attention for more than 3 seconds.

Maybe that is why online marketing is the way to take it to the streets.

Much Love,



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  1. Molly, you might call your work “salesy,” but I don’t call it that. I think even if you knew that you would not make a penny, you would still share your knowledge and your life experiences, and be of service. I bought your album French–paid for it–but have received so much pleasure from it that I consider it a gift from you.

    • Honestly, David I thank you. You have pointed out a very important issue. Maybe What I may feel as salesy is some kind of insecurity about putting myself out there?? You are right…I would shout this on the mountaintops for no money whatsoever. At the same time, it is simply wonderful to get paid for what i do!!! That part is extremely gratifying.

  2. Of course. Plumbers should get paid, and artists should get paid too..About this “putting myself out there,” I want to point out the difference between modesty and confidence. For example, I consider myself a modest person, but at the same time, I’m very confident of my abilities, and I suspect the same is true of you. So when you feel this nervousness about “putting yourself out there,” you are putting modesty ahead of confidence, and that doesn’t work too well in professional life. You’re not in danger of losing your humility, but your proud of what you have to offer, and you should be.

    • Perfectly explained!!! I am just getting used to self promotion as it should be, being online, and offering my expertise and artistry for the price that reflects my self worth. It feels like stepping into a point of power. No more modesty ahead of confidence!!!!

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