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astral-body-awake-1969 by Mati KlarweinAs we open toward realms of Higher Consciousness, there is a necessity to shed the blocks that occur in the emotional and psychological realm. This realm is highly influenced by a collective consciousness that is changing to the new Alignment. We are shedding the old Archetypical patterns and accepting our broadened Intellectual Understanding of the New Way. The balance of the masculine and feminine forces is also coming into play. Our access to many dimensions is actualizing.

This will look like chaos from the outside.

We must remember that at one time in history we had a highly expanded awareness of other dimensions. A cataclysm not according to law occurred and affected the way our Will operated. The subsequent sublimation of the Will to the Ego has caused problems for all of us and our planet..

Part of becoming free entails shedding the way we operate within the old paradigm we have been in for centuries.

What does this old paradigm look like?

Our fears govern our actions and influences our decisions.  We are paralyzed to choose, and our Higher Being is unable to be accessed. Without this access, we cannot connect to one another. We roam the earth in our sequestered world of inner considering, constantly wanting more, unable to have empathy with others, drowning in stress, anxiety and depression. These pervading negative emotions engulf our lives and make it impossible to enter the Unity of All Things. War and Dominion over others pervades.

What is the solution?

In practicing what I call the Great Work, we must move toward a place of stillness in order for our Greater Awareness to be activated. Through practices that increase our attention and enable keener awareness of how we use our different centers, we grow more grounded. We begin to perceive a larger reality that encompasses somatic awareness, true feeling instead of negative emotion, and the realization that we live in our thoughts predominantly.

We can only see this from an integrated perspective that is not limited in thought man

From there, having an observer developed, we will see and hear from a deeper place, a place centered in the Heart Mind. This represents a Higher Dimension, the Higher Emotional Center which has nothing to do with emotions really at all.

The gateway is through the feeling life.

One may begin to enter the higher realms as Remorse of Conscience is experienced. This happens when we begin to objectively see who we really are and surrender to letting go of the hold our Ego has on us. This kind of true Self Observation comes about in a moment of Presence in which we see the reality of our situation.

This is how we take responsibility for actions.

So often we try to solve things with our minds and our thinking. We even try to develop spiritually through our thinking which never works. It cannot come from our divided capacities, namely our bodies, feelings or thinking separately, but from all three synchronized.

The manifestation resulting from the synthesis of our body, feeling and thinking develops of a Watchman. Each time this Self Remembering occurs, it is a step toward the reassembly of our Greater Selves.

As we assimilate the broken structure of our psyche and emotions, we become more whole and create the Soul body, known as the Astral body or Kesdjan Body. This is the vehicle through which we can experience the Higher Worlds, the World of Being , the World of Will. The portal through which we enter these Higher Dimensions is through Being. From there, our ability to truly Understand a much larger Universe can occur; abilities which include communication through extraordinary means, psychic connection, energetic healing, and inter-dimensional synthesis.

The surrender occurs as we give up our struggle, but our Kesdjan body must be developed enough to be the vessel for permanent change. It is almost like a perfect storm in which we have done the work of awareness and coordination of centers and then surrender when we are strong enough to see and experience our Heart. We can be opened up by many forces from the outside from gurus to rituals but if we have not established this spiritual body, we close right back up again. These openings can be highly detrimental to those who have no groundwork to handle the ensuing emotion.

Astral_Affinity_by Chaos-Flare

In this time of Attunement,we are meant to return to the way in which our ancestors lived.

Their broadened awareness and communication spanned Super Intelligences that influenced our world, the Earth and its part in the Great Universe. There was a keen love and respect for one another, a deep reverence for the gifts of the Earth. They were part of a much larger scale of interaction between humans, nature, and the expanded worlds of synthesis and communication.

Take time for self reflection and embrace the dark places within. I encourage you to open to a higher vibration, a calling, and the will to integrate. Find ways in which you can bring about stillness. Go on a solo one or two day retreat. Find a retreat to attend that resonates with you in the near future. Do an Inner Work that takes no instruction.

It only takes persistence and patience to listen on the inside objectively as things are and accept. You don’t have to change anything, just see it. That is the first step in coming to understand our part in this great Universe and the change that is happening..

With Love,



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  1. Molly, Thank you for taking time to write and share your insights. I enjoy and resonate each month with your writings This is a time where so much is being shed and the opportunity to see and feel clearly is emerging. It is certainly at times challenging to remain centered ,aligned and grounded in the process . Clearly, Sally


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