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The Tipping Point

earth with cloudsSurely most blogs, social media posts and news bites will mention one subject this week.  Yes, it is all on our minds and in our hearts, and we are collectively grieving the numerous attacks on innocent people around the world..  Not only are we collectively grieving, we are succumbing to fear which is permeating our media and our lives.

I ask you now to understand that we are being called to collectively look within to find the real enemy.  The scenarios on the planet are outward manifestations of our interior landscape.  It is a macrocosm of the fear we experience on a daily basis and the war we wage against ourselves.

No amount of retaliation will heal the situation. We know that violence begets more violence. Lack of empathy and understanding around the whole situation  perpetuates it.

There comes a time when we must put down our weapons and embrace that which is within us that needs attention. Doing this will curtail the need to look outside of ourselves for happiness and approval. This exterior need has gotten us where we are today.  We will kill for it and we will be killed.

I ask each of us to search deep within and experience fear and vulnerability for the purpose of our own transformation, self acceptance and love.  Only then can we embrace one another in security and trust.  At that point, the tipping point, there will be no more dominion over others.  There will be no more extreme greed.  We will no longer have the need to kill each other.

This weekend I experienced utter sadness and despair for this planet and our predicament. If we do not wake up, it will be mass destruction in the form of war and an eternal chase for a moving target.

However, as I pondered and prayed, something began to shift within me.  It came as a small realization at first but then swept over me like a tsunami. My deeper freedom and self transformation is always like a moving target. I felt the need to stop chasing, searching, and aiming.

I began to understand a new point of surrender to enable reception.

It started as a reflection on my business and life perceiving a desire to constantly drive toward goals.  I can do everything right.  I can take every step required. I maintain discipline, consistency and develop relationships but where is the ease? Where is the art of receiving?

I believe from the vulnerable state of the collective, I was able to more easily step into my own vulnerable state. What am I actually afraid of? Where does this belief come from that I must work so hard in order to get the results I want? Am I receiving in my relationships or do I make it happen?

This started a new cascade of insights in regards to the lost art of reception, a feminine principle that has been socialized out of us. I will kill parts of me to make something happen. Somewhere along the way I sacrificed the belief that things can come to me easily just because I deserve it. I had forgotten to call in grace and ask for healing, for help, for love and to believe that I can have that too.

In my vulnerability, I began to realize my neglect of self; a neglect that robs me of receiving. Through great tears of breakthrough, I knew I am worthy and I can forgive myself.  I can be loved, I can receive abundance easily, I can have peace and understanding and in allowing this, I accept in myself that which has been so ignored.

That lead to a greater knowledge and understanding of my desire to deeply connect with others. I cherished my husband like never before this weekend.  I am filled with gratitude for my three beautiful children. I accept loving them, appreciating them, and supporting them. I am better equipped to accept love from them.

There is also power in coming together as groups and community.  A system of competition feels almost laughable at this point.  The new paradigm is collaboration.

The existence of us versus them, we are right; they are wrong is absurd. It smacks of the collective shadow that is looming over us all.

This was my small individual transformation, but it contributes to our universal transformation and tips the scale from fear to love. Do not underestimate the power of individual metamorphosis and its contribution to the planet.

heartstreamThis week, I implore you to take part in tipping the scale:

1) Take time to reflect in stillness about the sadness and vulnerability within yourself.  That is the only place where you will discover the seeds of your own prison.  Peace on earth is dependent on peace within each and every one of us.

2) Stay away from the media. None of us need to listen to reports of violence over and over.  Yes stay abreast of current events, but don’t listen to story after story about it all.  In this way, we resist falling into dire fear by reexperiencing the trauma over and over.

3) Spend time with loved ones and friends. Take part in some kind of art form. Sing, laugh and dance in the kitchen, one of my favorite healing activities.

4) Finally, send love to each and every human on this planet.  Find it in your heart to forgive,for when we do this, we forgive ourselves and heal.

Let me know what kind of inner work you achieve as a result of the collective grief and healing.



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  1. Thank you Molly for your beautiful reflection and for sharing your moments of vulnerability and insight this week. I’m noticing how I’ve had moments of pure joy and being this week, but also anxiety over vulnerability that has led to creating dramas at home. The violence in our world is so pervasive in a certain sense and also so distant. I’m orienting myself on how to feel connected to the suffering of others, but not let that fear invademy heart and take over my spirit. Blessings to all, Heather

    • Dearest Heather,
      It is one big scary thing to step into vulnerability. I feel some of us are so empathic that it is overwhelming, so having boundary from the world suffering and still letting our individual fear bubble up in front of us is the key. I miss you terribly. Thank you for these meaningful words.

    • Hi Heather,
      It’s all in the boundaries for sure. I think your orientation is exactly what we should all do!

  2. Thank You Molly for your humble honesty and insight . I will take time to do as you ask and be apart of the healing . It has shaken me deeply.

    • thank You Sally. I know that your power as a loving caring gorgeous fellow seeker will make a huge difference. sending you big hugs, really big hugs.

  3. I just got to this and what wonderful timing to read it today. Many thanks for this!

    • Hi Teresa,
      I am so glad to hear that! glad it serves. Molly

  4. Excellent advice and nicely said. Thank you for your wise words!

  5. Thank you, Molly. We all need these words so much right now. I know I surely do. XOXO


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