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spiritual-teacherI am lucky to have had several long term “Yodas” in my life.

The methods I learned were well established from the Zen Buddhist tradition and methods of the Fourth Way. These teachings carry high transmission and require one part process, one part free will, and one part willingness to receive. Without that balance, nothing is guaranteed.

One is given a certain plan of action through specific meditations, practices or a combination of both, but that doesn’t mean it will work.

There is an inner teaching within the teaching that can be accessed.

The secret to transformation is our willingness to act and be acted upon in perfect balance, so that something greater can come in. When there is a willingness to accept the gift of the inner teaching, something very subtle begins to happen and it requires human to human.

We may not feel we even need that kind of intermediary because we already have a relationship with the Divine. However, the symbiotic human exchange provides a shortcut to understanding profound human connection. We learn how to receive, how to respect and how to love.

That can spice up anyone’s life.

When we believe we don’t need anyone else’s help, it’s true. We have direct access to Source; to Knowledge and we can discover our own path to God Consciousness. However, when we let in Love from Higher Realms via transmission from someone else, we gain trust in the human ingredients.

Letting Love burst into our hearts is delectable. If it happens, we are then equipped to contribute to the planet, making it easier for everyone else to get there; another crack in the glass ceiling, so to speak.

When we burst forth as stewards of the Higher Source, completely embodied and cocreating with God, it is so we can relate in oneness to everyone and everything else.

That is how a harmonious planet earth will evolve.

I speak from my experience of intense one on one study with mentors, seated in very high stations, who made it easier for me to access the Higher.

It was mystical and magical and the taste will forever remain with me.

 Receiving the true living dharma from a fellow human is the special sauce in the spiritual recipe.

I have learned so much from great books. I have experienced expansion through prayer and meditation. However, the most meaningful part of my spiritual path has been my relationship with my teachers who understood my quest and could give me answers. Each was right for different reasons, and at different stages of my development.

I encourage you to seek a relationship with someone who can teach the ways of meditation and the present moment. A teacher holds us accountable (not always comfortable) and we gain humility when allowing someone to come in and help. We learn respect.

We often justify not seeking this help by requiring perfection and superhuman qualities in a teacher; someone we conveniently will never find.

Our Ego will always find a way to wiggle out…

Letting someone teach me, no matter what the realm, be it spiritual, business or music has been one of the greatest gifts of my life. Even now as a professional musician, I consult my mentor who knocks me into line. I will forever be grateful for all of my teachers’ insights, their persistence and their faith in me.

I appreciate being called on my own bullshit and being held accountable.

Most importantly, I appreciate the special attendance from someone that allowed me to feel love and gain self respect so that I could go forth and do the same.

If you have never had a real one on one relationship with a teacher, it’s worth seeking and it is never too late to learn.

Thank you Elisabeth Pridonoff, Bela Siki, Gabi Casadesus, Frank Heneghan, Raymond Kotai Lambert, John MacPherson, Norma Jean Young, Kathleen Deggelman, and Caroline Cain for your most excellent teaching.

What are your experiences with teachers?
How has outside help propelled you forward in your career or personal transformation?
Are you willing to let someone in?

Let me know in the comments below.

Have a great week.



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