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The Power of Groups

sacred-circle by Dot ClaireThe power of a group for enhanced transformation cannot be underestimated. Let’s face it, we are more effective together than competing or working on our own.  We live in an ever growing atmosphere of isolation and fear.  We don’t go out as much to do things and we are not connecting face to face. It is important for us to remember the beauty of coming together.

From small organizations and businesses to women’s gatherings and spiritual groups, we have the chance to experience what it means to work together. When we gather toward a common goal, intent on allowing each to contribute to the whole, we gain more force than our own individual efforts can produce.

I have experienced the extraordinary phenomenon of accelerated transformation through participation in and facilitation of group retreats over the last 20 years. One of the purposes of the Awareness School retreats is to allow people to understand what happens when people gather to meditate and work mindfully together.  Something more happens to all of us simply because of the group.  A magnetic center is formed that gathers momentum which affects everyone.

My motivation for writing this piece today is to speak about the magic that happens when women gather. This can happen in something as informal as a Mom’s group or a book club.

I have just finished an extraordinary long weekend with my mastermind women’s group; a set of powerful women leaders coming together for support, transformation and healing.  We are diverse yet hold a common thread of spiritual women in business for themselves; each involved in sacred commerce, a term I learned from the book, Sacred Commerce.  

Their definition of this term is

the party-cipation of the community in the exchange of products, information, and services that contribute to the revealing of the Divine (i.e. beauty, goodness, and truth) in all, and where spirituality — the return to the Self — is the bottom line.

Along with this common aim of sacred commerce, we understand the bottom line to our success is through mutual support.  This not only refers to business, but also personal transformation. Healing the bond between women that has been fractured by the Patriarchy is also an important aspect our time together.

When women gather, there is a magical feel to it and some women even gather for the purpose of magic itself.

This practice is a bit taboo in some circles. Our culture has long condemned this ancient ritual connected with nature and the rhythm of the moon. The practice of women gathering holds the power of healing the wounds of history at a time when women were burned at the stake for being midwives, healers and psychics. We were taught that it was dangerous to practice ancient arts in circle.  We were taught to compete.  We were taught that to be successful we must do it at the expense of others. We were taught to go underground.

Mostly we were taught that it is unsafe to heed the call to gather. Something inherent in our nature. We began to sow the seeds of dysfunction between mothers and daughters.

We forgot to trust one another.

The power of women or men gathering for that matter is to sever our connection with a dark past. Through support and love in circle, we rectify the mother wounds and the sister wounds.  As one of us accepts and sees the pain of the past, we all face what is locked in our own DNA.

What we do for the one, we do for the all.

Many years ago I was in circle with women to celebrate the spiritual wheel of the year.  We studied the significance of nature on our psyche and our connection to it. We made things together, sang songs, and created family gatherings that pertained to the seasons.  The mere fact that we would meet monthly, hearing the stories of birth and death, relationship and strife created a strong bond.  However, this little “family”, like my new mastermind today was able to bring back important elements of what women have done for centuries.

We are now reclaiming our power to sit at the table equally with our brothers who are also learning a new way. The patriarchy is crumbling and our men need only hold the door in protection and love to support this in happening. We will walk through the door with ease and grace to take our place at that table.

We are all learning to hold each other up, to see the gifts of the other and to hold them in reverence and acceptance instead of competing.  This is not the rise of women into power over men.  This is the emancipation of women all over the world to stand equally with men so that together we are co-creators of a new world where war and dominion are a thing of the past.

I am in deep gratitude to my mentor Lindsay Pera for bringing us together in such a way this weekend.  She is a master at these concepts and we all experienced tremendous growth and love for one another.

Have a great week,





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