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The Law of Three


The Law of Three  comes to us in the representation of the triangle in sacred geometry and can help us understand process.

We can use it effectively in decision making, manifestation, and our path to self transformation.  In any given situation, we have 2 forces present, but for something to come to fruition, it must have three.  

Looking at the triangle, we have a reciprocal relationship at either end of each of the lines and unification in regard to the three elements.

The Law of Three acts in a process as seen in an enneagram and the triangle itself represents the three forces.

When looking at the enneagram, the triangle inside of a circle represents intervals in a forward moving process around the circle where forces come into play from the outside. If those forces do not enter, the process veres in a different direction or fizzles out.  This incoming force is what propels it forward and represents reception from something higher.

At these points of reception or conscious shock, the higher works on the lower to activate the middle.

This is applied at certain intervals, and you can have an infinite number of inner triangles occurring as a process proceeds. ( This is why I love the image of fractal triangles).

Within the Law of three, the forces are known as the active force, the passive force and the reconciling force.Law of three (1)

We can work this into any situation to help us understand the need to take more action or the need to let go and receive, but the balance of both brings about the manifestation or the reconciliation of those two forces.

Working with this concept by trial and error is a great way to get to know how it works. Watching the struggle within ourselves and seeing how it resolves or doesn’t is a way of noticing whether the third force is present. If we are unable to hold the contradiction of yes and no (the two forces) within us through attention, we cannot experience the reconciliation known as the third force.

In staying with the yes and the no, we may find empathy where there was none. We may be able to follow through with our aim when there was no motivation before.  We may be able to let go of some form of false control that kept us from accepting ourselves. Once these things occur, we are on the next segment of the process.

We can look at it as the alchemy which brings us to presence and self remembering and certain almost inexplicable things happen at these special intervals.

Our ability to hold attention to our struggle will bring about the first shock (bottom right corner of triangle) and our ability to hold the attention much longer will bring about the second shock (bottom left corner of triangle). Without these shocks, we return to the beginning of the process and repeat.

One thing is certain, the meaning of conscious labor is the ability to hold attention to our struggle. Pushing away negative self talk or being oblivious to it for example is not staying with the struggle of observing it from multiple centers and experiencing it in a new way.  Our staying ability becomes the food by which we feed our consciousness.

This alchemical process also creates a secondary body which grounds and houses permanent development of our Being. When this body is formed, we begin work in a new octave from a higher center.

Attention-presence-being colorWe strengthen our Being through presence and attention from all of our centers, the body, the emotions and the thinking simultaneously. Through attention we develop self observation. Through self observation we develop Presence.  Through Presence we develop our Being. Each one of these elements, Attention, Presence and Being have a reciprocal relationship that could be represented by the triangle. The author Red Hawk uses this example in his book Self Remembering. In this case, he puts attention in the bottom right corner, presence in the bottom left which becomes a foundation for the higher aspects of consciousness housed in our Being. Our Being also simultaneously influences both attention and presence.

He also looks at the triangle in terms of me, other and a higher source. I have a relationship with God/Source/Unity and I have a relationship with other people.  My relationship with other is my foundational bottom line of the triangle and through that we become the forces working together for something higher to come in. In this case, he puts “me” on the bottom right, “other” on the bottom left and God at the top of the triangle.

This triangle also represents a process of transformation in relation to connection.myself-other-source

We can experience a shock or the first point of resistance as we begin the work of self observation on ourselves.  We must persist and at the same time allow something else to come in, in order for us to see more about ourselves and how we function in the world. As we progress, there comes a secondary shock from the outside in which we begin to see another as ourselves.  This is a new tier or “octave’ of our transformation. Finally, we enter the unity of God where we experience no difference between self and God.

When we can experience this new knowledge of ourselves, it gives us the chance to better understand other. From there, we begin a life of connection.

The struggle to find our way out of isolation and into connection will bring about the third force of reconciliation where we have all three elements absolutely present. True connection involves my authentic self as a touchpoint with the authenticity of another. This is an outer manifestation of Source.

The Christian trinity of Father Son and Holy Ghost is another great representation of the law of three.  It brings to my mind the relationship between God, the human and the spirit unified.  In this way, we are the son of God the Father manifest in human form.  The elements of source energy, we as humans with bodies and the intersection of spirit become a whole picture of opposing forces reconciled. We can see how the notion of the higher working on the lower to activate the middle is so applicable.Holy trinity

We can consider our self remembering and the development of our soul as the middle in this scenario.  It is the liaison between heaven and earth. It is where we experience our God nature.  To have that, we must have the basic elements of being fully in our body with presence, fully utilizing our integrated functions of thought, emotion and body in order for the forces of God to act upon us in a new way. Our Soul then develops accordingly,.

 The law of three works as we strive to incarnate fully. When we are fully experiencing the body, we begin to feel what we have been avoiding. If we combine sensation of body with noticing our thoughts simultaneously, something miraculous comes about to enable experiencing our feelings. We experience new impressions that were imperceptible before.

Continuing to work in this way of full integration, we start to understand connection to Source on another level.  This is the development of the permanent awakening of our higher centers.

This is how I am you and you are me and we are God.

For me, initially the effort was simply learning to stay present with a struggle and bringing sensation into the picture. Noticing how staying with the contradiction of my many “I”s brought about a new picture which then fed my consciousness.

This is how I became familiar with the third force and the law of three.

I thank the many people working in groups with me for their experiences which give me so much rich writing material.  You know who you are and I am in gratitude for your honest and forthright efforts. We all learn together.

Head bowed and hands together.



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  1. Fantastic article and exciting description of the third force and intentions held throughout commitment to this work! I love the sacred geometric triangles, gives a vivid visual.

    • Thank You Stephica,
      Sometimes in writing all about this i get a little dense so making the triangles was intended to clarify. There are millions of ways to make this triangle and I suggest putting some of your own aspects on it to see the relationship.
      Much Love,

  2. Wow!
    Thank you for sharing another inspiration and tool -I will call this concept a tool because for me, it provides another way “in”.

    Keep ‘Em coming, it’s beautiful and so are you!

    • Hi Christine,

      you are exactly right!! Understanding this law is one of the greatest tools I have come across for understanding process and what is really happening to me. You can use it to see into your own resistance and how that resistance can be very very helpful.

  3. Amazing amount in here Molly, very well expressed. Will take a good few reads before I have anything much to say about it – other than thank you for all work and sharing…

    • Thank You Dawn. i hope after a few reads it becomes clear to how useful this law can be!


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