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Stilling The Mind


This week the vlog is all about stilling the mind.

It’s important to keep up a consistent practice in the beginning.  You will see that you make traction by failing over and over again.  The mind itself is constantly analyzing, remembering, associating and simply doesn’t stop.

There is something else that is developed in meditation that is more than just focusing the mind. Focus is a great by product, but it isn’t the goal. Meditation has been misconstrued as a means to an end, but it isn’t really that.

Being just is and to still the mind is to tap into being without being attached to thought.

You can get great results that are basically by products of meditation.  You react less. You feel more calm or anxious, but that is not really the goal of meditation.

Keep struggling to duck below the chaotic waves of your mind.  There is a well of peace for you.

Have a great week.




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