Molly Knight Forde, professional classical pianist, speaker and international spiritual mentor, leads people to personal freedom using the esoteric wisdom of unique mindfulness methods practiced out in the world, not just on the cushion.
As founder andCEO of the Awareness School™, she teaches meditation and the Art of Self Observation as a means to accelerated transformation and self acceptance.She has been facilitating global retreats, group work, off and online courses as well as one on one mentoring for over 15 years. She began her adult spiritual practice in Paris as a student of Raymond Kotai Lambert, founder of the Integral Yoga Institute in Paris, and an innovative teacher who sought to bring the practice of Zen and Yoga together. Under his guidance for 9 years she immersed herself in the practices of Irano-Egyptian Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kriya, and Zazen.
After moving to Seattle in 1994, she embarked on an intense 10 year participation in Fourth Way Work and its Sufi influences, as well as 2 years of Wisdom School for energy awareness and shamanism. She has participated in Gurdjieff Movements seminars around the world and is herself an accomplished Movements teacher and pianist. Her solos piano CD’s The Art of Dance and French are available on and Her book, The Abundance Mindset, is available on Her greatest wish is to contribute to the planet by assisting individual transformation through mindfulness, meditation, movement and music.

As a speaker, Molly enchants audiences with her personal inspiring journey. We see the transition of a childhood passion to the concert stages of Paris and what leads her to seek fulfillment in a zen dojo. Her anecdotes of surrender and courage illuminate the power of resistance as a means to personal transformation.

She takes the audience on a voyage where they will begin to question what really lurks behind their fear and learn how to embrace the very things that hold them back.

Molly Knight Forde mesmerized the audience with her soft yet powerful presence on stage. Her teachings come from years and years of deep study and transformational work on a soul level. She shared the most poignant stories that hit home the importance of moving past fear and learning to listen to that place inside us that knows the answers. Her strategies for overcoming fear were new to me and truly took this work to a whole new level. I could listen to Molly speak all day long and so grateful to have been in her presence today! – Chantelle Adams, professional speaker and speech stylist

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Most Requested Speeches

Molly enchants audiences with her personal inspiring journey. Her anecdotes of surrender and courage illuminate the power of resistance as a means to personal transformation.

Embracing Resistance: The Third Force

Instead of hiding and distracting ourselves from what really scares us, we can learn to accept fear and use resistance as an agent for profound change in our lives. The techniques to strengthen our observer enable us to watch debilitating self talk from a new perspective. As we increase the ability to stay with our negativity, a magical third force appears. This presentation will teach you what it means to embrace your demons and bring about powerful self transformation.

It’s Time To Wake Up

Most of us feel we are more or less in control and then suffer from so much negativity and anxiety. The consequences of unseen influences keep us from truly fulfilling our purpose.

We need only look at the level of dissatisfaction and reaction in our lives to realize there is no driver on the bus. This presentation will delineate the cause and help develop ways to drive your destiny instead of being a victim of your fate.

The Dynamic Present Moment: The Catalyst for Self Acceptance

The miracle of having to surrender to a higher call has allowed me to inspire others to do the same. Teaching expanded awareness has brought so many people to a place deep in their hearts. In a dynamic present moment, we repair the past and prepare the future forever.  This presentation teaches hands on methods for being in a dynamic present moment so you can leave with the power and magic of knowing how to live from the heart each and every day.

Molly’s 30 years experience performing on stages of the world allows her to bring light to what really scares us and how to move through fear using the third force which enables us all to step fully into the symphony of life we are meant to create.


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I’m still soaking in the magic from your talk.  You had the room laughing and crying. – Anne Perry, founder of Business Heroine Magazine Anne Perry

Molly Knight Forde is a passionate professional speaker who knows how to connect with her audience and tell a powerful story. She was one of only two speakers (out of 23!) who received a standing ovation and was asked on the spot to be a speaker at another event next year. She does not disappoint!” – Dori Eppstein-Ransom, Founder & Director, Be GREAT! Conference



Molly is a dynamic speaker who had the audience riveted from the very first sentence. Molly is a skilled story-teller, taking us on a journey into her past to extract the exact inspiration to help us reframe our relationship to resistance and the stories we carry around it. – Elena Lipson, Divine Self-Care Mentor

Elena Lipson

Molly is a master-storyteller. Through her personal story, she showed the audience how instead of being a victim of circumstances, one can become a co-creator of one’s own destiny. In between her words, she held immense space – for deep, deep compassion to come through. – Tay and Val, Spiritual Teachers

Ty and Val

Molly taught mindfulness and personal power in such a way that connected to my heart and soul. I was moved deeply and connected intensely to her message. – Meagan Alton, Business Growth Strategist

Meagan Alton

What a transformational message. Your presence on stage is magical and mesmerizing! You left me wanting more and more and more. – Joy Kingsborough, conscious entrepreneur coach

Joy Kingsborough

Molly’s wisdom shines through from the stage and her practical steps for applying mindfulness are the most useful I’ve ever heard. Incredible. – Jo Davidson, Client Creation Whizz

Jo D

Molly is a thoughtful, prepared and enjoyable speaker. Her ability to connect to her audience in a variety of ways makes her message not only easy to listen to, but impactful as well. – Heather Pearce Campbell, Attorney & Legal Coach



Holy Cow, focus and clarity. A force to reckon with. – Sara McClellan, real estate agent



Molly has a vulnerable message that really allows people to connect to their fear and feel ok moving through it. – Mary Baillee, MSW, Transformational Coach

Molly’s talk about struggling with stage fright and her path to work through it was riveting and inspiring. Her talent lies in storytelling and urging her audience to learn to let go. – Smith Banfield, founder of Clear Space

I have heard many talks in my day, but yours was the most moving speech I have ever heard! Thank you.  – Alexis Marie Saloutos, founder and CEO of Chakredy TM