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Self Sabotage

We all know the phenomenon of self sabotage. It comes sneaking in when we least expect it.  It is definitely something we have no control over. We lack consciousness around it and we don’t know how to stop ourselves.

My vlog this week addresses the intricacies of what is actually happening with the phenomenon of self sabotage. If we can catch ourselves in states of identification with one of our many “I’s,(see my vlog on The Many I’s), we will discover and diffuse the energy of self sabotage.

Learning the steps to recognize these states of identification is the key.

We are always identified with a part of us, unconsciously believing the limiting beliefs and feelings of unworthiness. We can also be identified with being perfect or successful or helpful. When we are identified, we cannot see or know the other parts of us, and so we end up doing things we really don’t want to do.

It is not a matter of will power.

It is not a matter of magically clearing the limiting patterns.

When we work to actually observe it in a new energetic way, we take responsibility for what holds us back.  It is a means beyond thought and analysis. Understanding how our attention is captured and consumed is to understand what identification is all about. To see the identification is to free ourselves from the pattern.

Those are the ideas in a nutshell.
Watch the video to see how you may be addicted to the subsequent feelings that self sabotage brings about. It’s a hefty subject. There are ways out of this dilemma I promise. It has been my life’s work to come to this understanding. I have helped so many people walk out of the pattern of self sabotage. The beauty is this kind of work is permanent, everlasting, and very very effective.


Let me know how you self sabotage.
All my love,


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