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The Rigid Energetic Pattern


The rigid energetic pattern is a coping mechanism resulting from the stage of development between six and eight years old, when our will begins to come in contact with the outer world.

Children learn about the rules of social conduct, and roles that people play. This is the time when we develop a sense of external form, so the person with a predominant rigid pattern internalized the message that following the rules was more important than how they felt about the situation.

This stage of development can result in rigidity, so I am pointing out the energetic qualities and how to perceive this unseen energetic field.

The rigid pattern is disconnected from their feelings. Form is primary and this was reinforced by statements like, “good boy, good girl, and good job.” They have learned to push their feeling aside in order to conform, and get that positive “feedback”. Their energy pattern looks very similar to their outer emotional life, and they are highly sensitive people. In other words, this is the type of person who hides a great deal and claims “I’m fine,” when they are not.

The energy pattern feels like this person is standing behind a wall. It is difficult to reach their field because they are usually in defense mode. However, they desperately want connection. We see them laughing things off as if nothing is a big deal when really it is. They fidget and ramble on. They avoid their feelings at all costs. They repress. They avoid deep conversation which may divulge their vulnerability.

I have often known many artists, mathematicians, and musicians who have this pattern. Because they understand form and sequence very well, they become enmeshed within that gift. They love complex patterns and often cannot function without order. They are symmetrical in body type and are organized and disciplined.

Of course, we all may have aspects of this type, but when someone predominantly hides their feelings and blocks their energy from others, we know that the rigid pattern is at play.

Energetically speaking, the energy can be read as front and center.

It can feel open and very heady. It may also read as disconnected from the group. One could say that this energy feels “stuck in the mud” and unmovable. You may feel like they are standing very close to you even when they aren’t doing that physically. They do not flow with your energetic edge but remain fixed and cemented to the ground.

Their energy field is constantly scanning the situation with mistrust. We often see this type with knees braced or arms crossed. This pattern knows solid boundaries and is the best at understanding me/not me.  For more on that concept, read my article entitled Boundaries and The Me/Not Me.

Often the rigid pattern walls itself off from the good things out of fear and mistrust.

They often act like they are part of a group but have themselves completely blocked from the collective experience. They occupy themselves with seeing patterns or phenomena in others in order to have equal space. They may seem distant in sexual relations. They revere justice and often harbor great resentment to figures of authority, teachers, or government.

They decide everything with the mind instead of how they feel about it. “Here are the rules”, and so it is often difficult to move to another perspective or even see how rigid they are in their approach.

A perfect practice for the rigid pattern is to attempt to open themselves to what feels like vulnerability, when in fact, it means simply feeling things.

They need to understand that they have a right to feel. If the masochistic pattern feels like stagnant water, rigid feels like frozen water. For more on the masochistic pattern, read my article The Energetic Right To Space.

The strength and beauty of this pattern is that they are dependable. They are stabilizers.  They can hold a greater form for others and are self-sacrificing in thoughtful ways. They do not take on the energy of others, and have a wonderful sense of clear boundary and the ability to say no. They won’t take on what is not their energy like the fragmented or masochistic energy type.

One might hear them saying, “I always track this boundary, why can’t you?”

If this pattern resonates with you, the training to be present is extremely important.  In those moments of “wakefulness”, you can search for feeling instead of relying on analysis. Often the way to start is through noticing sensations in the body which may come more easily at first than feelings. With each choice out in daily life, notice sensation then ask yourself how you are actually feeling. You may need to do this thirty to forty times a day to begin to orient to the feeling center. Move on intuition. Risk to speak up. Open yourself to “danger” by connection with someone else…heart connection. Initiate sex and seduce your partner!!

These practices are what develop a sense of self worth and self love for the rigid pattern.

You have the right to feel !!!

Have a great week,


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