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The Resurgence of Sound Healing


Recently just before the eclipse, I attended a sound bath healing session with our local Awareness School group. We visited House of Sacred Sound with Gabriel Juzon who has now dedicated his life to this type of healing. In fact, I asked him at the end about learning this form of healing, and he replied that it was not so much the instruments one needed to learn but the ability to be a conduit through sound.

Gabriel explained that most cultures have used sound for healing and community building for eternity, totally trusting in its powerful position as a restorative force.  Drums and dancing to vocal toning and all instruments in between have served the purpose of entering higher realms and regulating frequency. In his own Filipino roots, the sound healers only began to doubt the power of sound healing when missionaries arrived with bullets for which of course sound healing had no cure. This happened in cultures around the globe.

We were served a special tea of cacao, coconut milk and rose in the beginning of the meditation meant for grounding and heart opening. The fact that it was cold pressed cacao, not mixed with dairy gave it certain qualities to serve as a grounding force and an elixir for ceremony. Served hot made the rose aromatic fill the room. Our facilitator constantly had an eye to keeping us in our bodies through sensation and focus on felt sense.

Anything can happen in a sound healing and thus it goes.

There are as many ways to heal as there are individuals, and so it is important to be open to a unique experience. When coupled with an intention, there is possibility for a greater depth of healing. I am convinced now that no one comes out unchanged.

The brilliance of Gabriel’s healing was the progression of sounds serving specific purposes. His altar was equipped with various sizes of gongs, large drums from Taos, rain instruments, didgeridoos, harmonium, and a series of crystal bowls matching the frequency of each chakra. The gongs themselves include the full spectrum of frequencies for all the chakras. Once things gradually built to a crescendo with the gongs, the next element of a lone flute melody took us to a sweeter and cradled place. The flute was a shakahuchi flute, made of Japanese bamboo and in the same key as his bowls to create multiple drones and harmonies. Someone described it as a warm blanket. Gabrielle said it is not the first time he had heard that phrase to describe it.

The principle behind the healing is that our energy centers, called chakras, vibrate at certain healthy frequencies in order to be open and functioning properly. By bathing in the corresponding frequencies, our bodies attune appropriately. The soundscape created affects the human body in many ways, but as important are the effects on the human experience as a whole in which we experience the music from our emotions, through visions and intuition and greater heart opening.  This type of healing can alleviate ailments on many levels including physical.

The human voice is one of the most refined instruments for healing. We can all benefit from our own singing and chanting. There are enormous benefits for the endocrine system (glands corresponding to the each chakra) from “toning” as I experienced in my six years of doing Irano Egyptian yoga with my first teacher. Gabriel agreed and pointed out that throat singing that produces harmonics even has the ability to relieve a headache among many other things.

He beautifully added in his vocals that were enhanced by the crystal bowls. The harmony and dissonance created could be felt in my body and in my heart. At one point, I was brought to a deep remembrance outside of time. The ancient sounds of the instruments from different traditions brought us all to something primal and innate. I knew somewhere inside that I was being integrated in a way I cannot fully describe.

Equally felt was the presence of higher intelligence from the galaxies; a celestial music of the spheres that emitted serenity and peace.

Once it was over, I could feel my body resonating in a new way. I felt absolutely calm and peaceful. My headache was gone.

I had no doubt that sound healing is a re-emerging modality gaining its rightful place in our mainstream consciousness once again.

Let me know about your experience with sound bath healing.




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