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Prisoners of The Unseen War

We create our own reality inside and out.

If only we realized this on a level that could make a difference in our lives, our relations and our planet.

For me, understanding this has been my life purpose.

If we are to find our way to love; loving ourselves as well as others, we have to learn to see how we walk the earth oblivious to our own prison. We can feel the consequences of our sleep well enough, but we do not know how to escape.

I believe the best tactic is Self Observation. Please don’t take my word for it. I ask that you find out from your own experience. The more free we become, the more we realize just how unable we were able to live in peace and harmony. When we practice true Self Observation, we see that we are rarely all here utilizing our freedom of choice.

The good news is once something has been observed, it changes.

Our aim is to strive for three centered awareness; an awareness that is expanded beyond any one center of perception, that is, the thinking, the emotions or the body. We can only arrive at this unified state by trying to incorporate the body into the habitual psycho-emotional drama in which we are trapped.

We must provide information about the habitual state of consciousness that we live in if we are to escape our solitary confinement.

illusionsThe greatest illusion is that we think we are conscious of ourselves when we can articulate our feelings and what’s going on inside. These are usually wanderings of the mind based on analysis and a mentally constructed sense of self. If our analysis is tainted by our conditioning then we really have no objective sense of who we are and why we do the things we do.

I know this sounds disconcerting and no one really likes to hear that we don’t realize what is going on inside of us. In fact, we don’t want to believe that. If it is true, almost everything we know ourselves to be is false.

Can you suspend your disbelief for a brief time? What if you were to question it all? What if that were to lead you to a greater truth and freedom?

If we decide already that we are winning the battle, we lose the chance of discovering the territory to be gained.

To become truly self conscious leads to self remembering. The importance of this lies in our evolution. If we do not question the reason we repeat patterns over lifetimes, we remain eternally locked in the cycle of death and rebirth. The only answer is to see and know thyself objectively.

When I say self consciousness, I am not talking about a state of nervousness where we think everyone is looking at us. I am talking about being aware of our awareness as we go about life. The recognition of our own Presence is developed through the practice of Self Observation. That is when we enter the Present Moment aware of ourselves in a new and fresh way that can see the pattern or feel the emotion or sense the archaic automatic bodily response. Once we become skilled at recognizing that we are bombarded with automatic associations and judgement regardless of how much conscious will we ascribe to our thoughts feelings or actions, we get closer to the truth of ourselves.

There are several requirements for experiencing Self Observation which the author Red Hawk so eloquently points out in his book Self Observation.

  1. We must remain impartial with no judgement of what we see.
  2. We must not try to change what we see
  3. True Self Observation cannot be achieved without sensation
  4. This requires brutal self honesty

With these parameters in place, we can see the challenge put before us.

Art by Elena Dudina

Art by Elena Dudina

It takes a real struggle to notice something and not judge it. Our Ego is constantly weighing whether something is good or bad. It is the seat of like and dislike and it runs the campaign. If our work is to drive the Ego back then we must resist the inclination to judge whether something is good or bad. Equally when we justify our actions or blame them on anything and everything, we remain the prisoner of judgement and take no responsibility for our acts. The minute we do this, it no longer remains self observation.

Likewise, we have to consciously struggle not to change what we see for when we do, it too has become the property of our associative, analysing, categorizing process of good or bad. When we want to change it, it implies that what we have seen is “no good”. This takes enormous discipline to overcome a lifetime of letting our head lead the offensive.

The body, always in the present moment, will never do this. It takes in information so quickly with no filter that we would do well to start to listen to how it experiences the energy of thoughts, feelings, likes and dislikes. If we can incorporate the use of sensation on a regular basis, this will lead into knowing thyself on a broader spectrum. We may begin to experience our lives on a new level and understand our patterns from a new perspective. We must find a way in instead of trying to continually fix our problems with the very apparatus that created the problems.

We can try to visualize things of a positive nature or say affirmations until we are blue in the face but they will never acquire the energy necessary to overturn the pattern if they come from thought. To penetrate our self sabotage and understand what holds us back, we have to see it in a way that reveals the locked in automatic conditioning.

When we are aiming for brutal self honesty, we must ride the energy of yes and no. We aren’t going to like what we see. We will try to hide from the perceived enemy. That has been our motivation since we were children looking for cover.

With efforts to gain clarity on what is really going on, we become stronger. We get better at the practice. We learn acceptance. We will see how horribly we treat ourselves and recognize the warzone that we uphold. If we do that, imagine how we could treat others.

war with flower by Lauren in Art

War with Flower by Lauren in Art

Let’s end the war.

All My Love,




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  1. Molly, profound, meaningful, and helpful writing.You’re a very sincere person. All my life–even as a boy–I’ve realized how I am–how we are–held in bondage by my history, my opinions, my knowledge, my points of vies and habits. I’ve often thought how wonderful it would be if we were able to change them all, to freshen our minds, starting over, feeling more deeply, experiencing more directly, more authentically, and that, you are saying, is possible Thanks again.

    • Thank you David. Sometimes sincerity though can get you in trouble, but not in this case!!! Yes it is possible, very possible. it is freedom!!!! It allows more to come in and that keeps us inspired.

  2. Molly! Another BEAUTIFUL and deep deep deep post. I’m really diving into this self-awareness on an entirely new level lately. It’s amazing the timing of this. To YOU and your success! 🙂

    • Heath, thank you for your faithful feedback. These last three posts are the nuts and bolts of a great teaching handed to me. It really did change my life so profoundly and I hope that it can help all of us realize who we are and how we hide from ourselves. Then we can get down to Loving on deep levels!!!

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