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The Power of Group Work


The power of group work is unparalleled to anything I know regarding transformation. In a mixed group or in a women’s group, each offers great opportunity to work on ourselves as well as learn about relationships.

When I work with women, we are thrown together in an experimental incubator for four months, getting to know one another, sharing dreams and sharing widely varied perspective and experience. We work thematically, progressively, and intentionally to build a certain type of container. We also work with Goddess frequencies called in at key times.

People get triggered. People take things personally. People feel like hiding. People dominate the space. People don’t participate. People contribute all kinds of inspiration. People share their work. People ask for help.

It is rich and meaningful work, for we have to make an effort to get to know one another first of all. We agree to take the journey not knowing why but with the specific intention of understanding the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in action. We agree to hold a spoke in the wheel if you will and because each one of us is unique, the wheel turns in astounding ways.  Sometimes it stagnates until something is worked through. Sometimes it spins so fast that each person is reporting at rapid fire speed about their particular transformation. Sometimes it unfolds subtly but surely.

Inevitably, the themes become glue.  Every time, I witness the magic of group interaction influencing each individual. The group accelerates the intention. Each of us see it happening in our particular flavor, and then we start comparing notes. We get a more complete picture of us as women through our diverse experience.

As a teacher and practitioner in the Fourth Way, I learned about the power of the group early on. The more the members are able to bring something of their own to the group, the deeper we all go. It is all turned upside down if the members come to be fed, no matter if they are paying dues or big bucks. If there is to be transformation, then there must be contribution and participation.

If people are coming to be fed, they want to fill their heads with a lot of ideas. It becomes very passive learning. It breeds inaction and laziness. They learn that they don’t really need to do anything and the work of a leader will carry the load. This is the makings of a cult.

The beauty of a well functioning group that leads toward deep transformation depends very much on the contribution of its members.

There can be an aim for the group in general and there can be individual aims which help fuel that bigger aim. In the larger scope of things, we must keep in mind that it is not all about us but the progress of all the members who then contribute to the bigger picture in their families, communities and society.

Our work truly is not all about us, but about learning transformation through self study to take out into the world. The group becomes witness to a broader metamorphosis through the relation to each other.. We start to notice that something is quickening and we all go through simultaneous breakthroughs.  I have witnessed this over 20 years of working with groups, especially from the perspective of facilitator.

This all depends on how the individuals contribute and how they bring their own efforts to the table. If they do nothing, then nothing happens.

There is also a special element about coming together that calls upon The Work itself, which shows up as an outside influencing force. It is a special source which acts upon us. It magnifies if the members actively participate. We then get the two necessary forces of active and passive. We make our way toward truth and the truth then enters us.

The whole activity is not devoid of collective influences, archetypes, and limiting structures that need to be worked through. On the contrary, these small groups give us a chance to crack the ceiling just a little more for the entire collective consciousness. The problems of the macrocosm coming screeching in before we even realize it’s happening. We are not only working for our own freedom, but for the possibility of everyone breaking through to something higher in connection with each other. We learn what bonding as humans is on a deep level.

Our collective emancipation serves a much greater purpose for the planet.

We are grateful to all who go to the monasteries and mountaintops to do their solo work. This influences the planet too, but God bless those who get down and dirty in a group situation to experience projection, unconscious privilege, victim identification, unchecked superiority, and blame, with all the comparison, spiritual bypassing, self loathing, and self pity sprinkled on top.

We are going to make it by hook or crook.

If you are interested in group work, the Awareness School runs intro courses throughout the year. we maintain a permanent local group and online group. The women’s circle is a VIP program which runs January through April and is by inquiry only. I would love to hear from you to see if this is the right fit.

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