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Past, Present and Future

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I saw this cartoon and felt compelled to write a short blog regarding our notion of the past, present and future.

Why are we so compelled to know about our future or our past?

Truly the majority of us have no access to what has happened or will happen, and so we pay big bucks for everything future and everything past, looking for answers to our big questions about us in the present.

It’s true no one is really asking about now, and I have my theories about that.

We believe we already know about now.

We believe we know who we are and how we operate.

This is the big elephant in the room and it isn’t easy to convince anyone they don’t know what’s really behind their behavior. No one wants to know because we think we already know. In fact, when we do want to know it’s usually when things really aren’t going well.

No wiggle room and backed into a corner… there is a need.

The irony here is that most of the time the things that get us truly upset are a result of the illusions we need to demystify simply by being here and now. If we can discover how much choice, control, presence and cognition we do not have, then we start to become aware of what is really causing all the suffering and how we hide from it.

We feel that if we can articulate some feeling or theory about what makes us suffer then we understand it. yet we continue to suffer.

This is the danger of assuming we know what is going on in the present moment.

We know we don’t know past lives and we know we don’t know the future, but we are absolutely convinced we don’t need to know how to really be in the present.

If only there were some way to convey that the more you are in the now, the more you know about your past, present and the future.

We can break the chain of perpetual abuse and alienation. We can unlock the code in our DNA. We can repair the suffering of lifetimes with the realization of ourselves in the present and prepare everything to be of conscious choice in the future.

Experiencing the profundity of the present moment was called hyparxis by Mr. John Bennett; a place where things can heal throughout time. This is where the unlock from patterns of the past occurs and propels us into a future of freedom.

With freedom, big freedom, comes the recognition of realms outside of time and space.

Who needs to work toward that when you can pay someone to tell you?

I have found that any notion or intuition of my past lives was more valuable when I saw it for myself and I definitely couldn’t do that before I had done massive amounts of work in the present.

What good does it do to know you were a conquistador in Spain or a great painter or someone who died from childbirth or someone who drowned.  It may explain present fears or desires, but what is wrong with accepting the fear and dealing with it in the here and now without knowing from whence it came. The fact that it is a result of another life or a long chain of ancestors passing it on through DNA makes no difference when we must deal with it karmically in this life. Only knowing it in our present moment will truly do the transformation we are seeking.

Does knowing past lives somehow give us license to feel and act a certain way? Does it really help us to understand why we do what we do or does it get in the way of understanding how to deal with it in this lifetime.

Let’s look at knowing about the future. Doesn’t it taint our perspective? Does it help influence us to make better decisions? Again I have to ask what good is it to know what will potentially happen? ( emphasis on potential because everything is in potentiality). Perhaps it is simply to satiate our curiosity and its fun. Perhaps it takes the place of us having to discriminate for ourselves.

Now truthfully, I am fascinated by divination, crystal balls and messages from different mediums. I believe we all have guides and angels along our sides that we can access through presence. We can get information in so many ways, but without the clear understanding of presence within ourselves, we will have a hard time repairing the past and preparing the future.

That’s my take on it.  What’s yours?


I can’t wait to hear your feedback and thoughts about this subject.

Has knowing your past life helped you in a big way?

Has being told your future affected your life?

Do you regularly see someone to clear past life glitches that are in your way in this life? Has that worked?

I look forward to the discussion in the comments.





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