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No Static At All

Last night in conversation a woman asked me whether I knew my real voice, my voice of intuition.  She was asking because her intuition had recently guided her to make a decision that turned out to be bad. Now she was totally questioning whether she could trust her judgement.

I have made many big mistakes in my life because as a child I learned not to trust my intuition.  In fact, what I learned to do was listen to the conditioned voice that needed to please others, be accepted by others, do what I thought others thought I should do or what I thought I should do or what my mother thought I should do. No wonder I couldn’t hear my own voice!!

wedding picI can remember doubting some very big life decisions and chalking my hesitations up to fear. I ignored the quiet voice inside that whispered “something doesn’t feel right about this.”  I experienced countless disappointments in my life as a result of not following my intuition.

With each mistake, however, I learned.  I learned that perhaps (in hindsight) my authentic voice was warning me about something.


You see, I graduated from the accelerated school of hard knocks.

How do you distinguish between your conditioned responses and your authentic voice?

How can you be sure you recognize one or the other?

If you are like me, the ability to recognize your authentic voice was “educated out of you” during childhood. Repeated statements from your parents like “Oh, you are fine” when in fact you were not fine wreaked havoc on your internal radar.  You learned, falsely, that you cannot trust your feelings.

Maybe as a child you intuitively picked up messages of distress from people around you who told you everything was fine. You then had to put your expert intuitive system into question. You started learning that what you see and understand is not true.Yris

What if you are a natural born empath and can’t recognize what is yours and what is someone else’s?  That gift comes with its own special learning curve.

You learned to ignore your inner voice of truth.  Whether it be from lack of other’s honesty and integrity, from not being accepted, from being punished, shamed, bullied or simply being misunderstood, you learned that what you feel is not “appropriate”.

You also learned that your honesty could get you into deep shit.

So by trial and error as a young adult and onward, you must learn to distinguish what is real and what is not real. You cannot realize this until you make the mistakes necessary to see that what you thought was right was wrong and vice versa.

These grand mistakes are called shocks. Some of us need bigger ones than others and they are necessary in life.

Trusting your intuition and knowing your authentic voice takes wading through a lot of crusted on personality that you formed to protect yourself. Avoiding repeated disappointment created this new false voice.

Until you start to study how you see yourself, what things influence your decisions and how identified you are with being accepted, you will continue to override your authentic voice.

heart spaceYou have to build a container of personal energy through Presence that allows you to be free from filtered perception. You will then no longer make decisions based on what others think.  You don’t have to please people anymore or seek love for the wrong reasons. You can become free, connected to Source, and know that what you once saw as a child can come alive in you again.

Experiencing your genuine self allows connection to your Being with no interference and no filter.

You become vulnerable without fear.

There is flow with no resistance.


When you next come up to a decision you are having trouble with, ask yourself:

  • Am I bowing to someone else’s agenda?
  • Am I doing what society thinks is the right thing?
  • Am I falling prey to ”comparisonitis”?
  • Am I afraid of what people may think?


Listening deeply to your intuition can be so foreign that at first you may not recognize it. It may be the tiny voice that has been pushed back to the far reaches of your mind. It may not make sense, but there is one thing for sure:


If you can get out of the way, there is no static at all.




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