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Let’s Not Underestimate Downtime

Let’s not underestimate the importance of downtime.

I have found that I need to rest as hard as I work. I have to hit the refresh button and make room for new ideas. My past experience has told me again and again that it doesn’t work to drive oneself into the ground.

We have just wrapped up another Awareness School Retreat. I am also putting finishing touches on my upcoming book Be Present, and so there comes a time when I must slow down for a period of time. I maintain the minimum of work, like teaching and consulting with a few people, but for the most part, I am allowing space and time to expand.

It is almost impossible to push push push after a retreat anyway. Things slow down simply by being away from the city and being still. The movements have created new impressions to feed all of us for a good while. I have done my review of how things went and how other things could better serve.

I am flooded with new ideas already!

Before I launch my Practical Awareness Course in the Fall and start the book tour, I am going to rest and feel great about it. The Awareness School is in recess until the Fall and so I sit, I read, I swim and enjoy doing not much.

Sometimes I have to fight a feint hint of guilt slipping in, but it is fleeting; a relic from days gone by. Those days were filled with having to fill every minute with something productive, like an addiction. I wasn’t worthy if I wasn’t working hard.

I have found that I get ten thousand times more done by taking space between large and arduous projects.
I am refreshed.
I am going to Crete.

I hope that you are able to make space for nothing these days even if it is part of a day or just a weekend. We are all so addicted to constant moving and doing that to rest feels almost like a sacrilege.

Please take the time to watch the clouds float by. It’s worth it.


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  1. Thank you as always, Molly. I recognize the struggle within me as guilt creeps in when I’m not “doing” or producing, and yet at the same time I understand the value of being still and NOT doing. I’m navigating a balance as best as I can between taking notes of the inspiration flooding in at times, and allowing the space to let it marinate.


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