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Jumping Timelines


People talk a lot about jumping timelines these days as if it were rather easy. It is the notion that there are multiple outcomes or potentialities to any situation and by jumping a “timeline” we access a desired outcome.

There must be slow development of our Being through integration of the divided self that brings about this possibility. We must see over and over who we are not and how who we truly are conflicts with the idea we have of ourselves. This builds our ability to see more and more and know the truth of our essence.

Jumping timelines requires that development and those who are proposing that we can simply do it by some random choice are promising pie in the sky. We as regular people are mired in worry about the future and regret about the past almost constantly. These states of identification do not allow us to truly choose through conscience.  We decide about this that and the other under the influence of all of our inner considering, our self misconceptions, and our attachments to what “should be”.

We make decisions based on how it will make us look or who it will please.

To be able to choose means we create our destiny and play a part in that. We cocreate our reality and manifest what we intend. This requires a certain level of consciousness beyond our ordinary existence in the world of things to actually see what reality is. If we continue to live and work on a material mechanical level, we are not rising to the level of co-creation. We are simply moving the furniture around thinking we have moved to a better place.

Understanding the jump of timelines is to understand how our Being facilitates the ability to discriminate reality in a way that was impossible when we were mired in emotions relegated to a more mechanical way of life. Our sense of knowing through expanded consciousness and an established secondary body allows us to see what we previously could not. Life goes from black and white to color. Emotional ups and downs disappear. An unfounded life satisfaction replaces all of the frustration and worry that keeps us from seeing in the first place.  Our negative emotions are replaced with the knowing of the heart mind.

From this station of spiritual development, we can choose and manifest. We can hold a certain vibrational frequency of genuine feeling that brings about our intention…easily. We can behold various potential futures and accept what is, without the trouble of expectation.

When we expect, we put weight and investment on a certain outcome. We become fixed upon the necessity of that outcome for our happiness, when in reality, we know not what will create our happiness in a future scenario. Expectation also narrows our consciousness to a single outcome and if it doesn’t happen, we are extremely disappointed.

Learning to quell expectation is a most potent exercise. We learn to flow. We learn to be curious and open to what is possible. We learn trust in a way that may feel risky at first, but ultimately takes us into the driver seat we could not previously be in.  The more we try to drive in the mechanical material world, the less we will understand what it is to cooperate with the Quantum Universe and co create our destiny.

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