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On returning from our retreat last weekend, I have been reflecting on ways we reach our intuitive voice and ways we open to Source. In essence, it means utilizing ways in which we can learn to receive those messages without the filter of logical thinking, analysis, and structure. It is pure reception.

One element that certainly hinders reception is control. How and why do we seek to control everything?

It feels safe, less chaotic, productive, and action oriented. We have been trained to believe that the more we do, the more action we take, the harder we push, the more method we apply, the more structure we have, the better the result.

We have become very unaccustomed to allowing.

Part of the practice during the retreat was intuitive journaling; something that does not require expertise in writing. It is free flow and the epitome of allowing. It begins to stream once we have broken past the barrier that was keeping us feeling rather familiar and safe. It is a voice that emerges that is not under our control. We can start with a question and begin to answer that question but we must let it continue even if we are writing things like “I am not sure what else to say” or “I am not sure how to answer this question.” The point is to keep writing until something starts to flow. It may seem very unrelated to the question. It may be things that really need to come out and be said.

The more we can relinquish control over the answer or its relatedness to the question, the better.

Part of the secret to intuitive journaling is to let in all impressions and write them down as we notice them. These come from our five senses including body sensations, feelings, and random thoughts. We will also receive real intuitive wisdom that is coming from a place of Essence. All of this input is valid and has a place in the message.woman-with-roses-intuition

We can also do an intuitive writing exercise that involves simply recording all impressions so that we get used to noticing the many many modes of input that we usually take for granted. Part of the reason I teach practical awareness is to learn to take in more impressions. We are usually blocked from doing that because only one of our centers, like our thinking for example are predominant in any given moment. We don’t realize that we might be feeling from our thinking. I know that sounds strange or almost impossible but the more advanced we become at noticing what is actually going on, the more we see that we are feeling from a center other than the feeling center.

Experiencing the present moment requires the presence of all three centers whether we realize that or not. The more Presence we experience, the more we Understand from an experiential viewpoint what it is to have all three faculties working and synchronized.

Many of our impressions are tainted by habitual belief and assumptions that happen so fast we can’t even see it. Patterns of seeing and reacting that have been ingrained in our body since childhood which then trigger a certain feeling which then trigger a certain thought happen so instantaneously that we are unaware. Our actual taking in of info may occur well after two or three of those feedback loops have already happened, and before we know it we are reacting over something that truly does not even exist.

The journaling can help decipher some of this if you are open and “out of control”. There is no right or wrong, but you will know when this voice from Source is speaking. There is no doubt about that. You experience something outside of your ordinary way of thinking, speaking and being.

The beauty of doing this at the retreat was that we were combining it with many modalities of being present. We were directly connecting with nature. We were unlocking code in our body through Sacred Movement. We were acquiring greater and much more refined attention by stopping on the hour and noticing the contrast. We were spontaneously entering moments of silence that were not imposed. Finally, the group effort intensified the individual results.Spiral Inward retreat

I hope you will try this type of journaling on your own and see what comes up for you in regards to everyday questions as well as big life dilemmas.

Let me know your questions as you practice journaling and what you may already know about it.

I use this kind of journaling in my one on one mentoring to discover answers from Source. I can show you how to effectively do this.

No matter where you are in the world, I cordially invite you to experience one of our retreats especially the big one this summer, July 14-21, 2015 on Whidbey Island, WA.


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  1. Molly! Super moving post! I love the idea of intuitive journaling. 🙂

    • Thank You Heath. i have found that amazing things start streaming forth, things I didn’t even know were in me. Can’t wait to hear of your experiences with this!!!

  2. Hi Molly, we haven’t met but we’re ‘friends’ on fb. I listened to an interview posted here somewhere that was terrific**. I hope I manage to locate the info about the upcoming lecture as a friend (and one of your fellow Ladies Musical Club presenters it turns out) and I would very much like to attend! I have no doubt we’ll meet soon, absolutely love your vision and would love to access your expertise in the area of mindfulness growth.

    **(once the presenter’s introduction was finally over—I feel the need to suggest to you that as well-meaning as the individual is, and he did a fine job interviewing you, what he feels he needs to do to introduce his podcast for a full 15 min or so of the listener’s time, is such an assault on the senses that a great many people not as determined as I to hear the thoughts of an accomplished pianist on disciplines of mindfulness, would not have endured. Sorry, but had to say it. He needs to just eliminate his introduction, or speak as himself w/o all the artificiality which you kindly likened to Robin Williams, but sorry, we all know that is not a fair comparison). As an introduction to what you have to say it doesn’t work, and will prevent a lot of people from actually hearing what you have to say, which would be a pity. Sorry, really don’t mean to beat this to death.

    I hope to connect with the presentation I believe you’ll be doing in Seattle soon.

    • Hi Penelope, I chalk his introduction up to being an original. I don’t see many people doing things like that and so I found it refreshing, funny and if that stops people from listening to that excellent interview then it isn’t for them. I thank you for persisting through to get to the meat of the discussion. It is a good interview, maybe a little long, but we talk about things candidly. I hope it serves.

  3. I have to say in addition that I feel terrible leaving a comment so full of negative energy as the preceding probably is, knowing it’s the first email I’m sending you!

  4. I do like the way you have presented this particular problem plus it does give me personally some fodder for consideration. On the other hand, from just what I have experienced, I just simply trust when the opinions pack on that individuals continue to be on issue and not start on a tirade regarding the news du jour. All the same, thank you for this fantastic piece and although I can not really agree with it in totality, I value your standpoint.

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