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Tree of Life by Karie Cooper

Tree of Life by Karie Cooper

This past Fall I focused on what grounding means for me and for others. It is a broad subject which deserves much exploration.

For the spiritual seeker grounding is of the utmost importance.

If we think of a tree, the strength and power of the trunk and limbs comes directly from the root system. The deeper and more widespread the roots; the higher the tree can grow. Just the same with our spiritual and energetic transformation, we will only be able to reach as “high” as we are grounded below. What does that mean in terms of Spiritual Work and our everyday life?

When we think of energies and the play they have in our lives, the more refined the energy, the more perceptive and psychic we become. As these refined energies work in our lives, we are much more able to discriminate in the moment and choose right action. One can acquire access to higher energies without being sufficiently grounded, and the result is a blown fuse, just like an electrical current. I have known colleagues and teachers who have become unduly ill with chronic disease due to lack of grounding. I myself was a victim of this phenomenon for many years.

One can be extremely psychokinetic, with tendencies toward a more open Being even from birth. If people like this are not totally shut down by parents and society, they may be able to maintain a tiny degree of freedom and access to true Will. I think these are the people who suffer most when not grounded. They are highly sensitive individuals and often turn to self medicating in one form or another. They are people who have a keen psychic sense, strong intuition, a propensity toward the Sacred, an insatiable verve for life or the gift of connectedness. These people by nature are often naturally less grounded in some ways. In fact, there are a lot of people floating around out there with huge potential to manifest their light into the world but cannot for lack of grounding.

So what does this mean and how does one stay grounded?

In spiritual work, one of the greatest tools for grounding is sensation. As one progresses down the road of transformation, sensation only becomes greater and more defined, more felt, more accentuated. Part of the realization of our own power is actualizing our consciousness on this planet as human beings. We simply swim around in our heads and imagination that we are not connected to the physical aspect of our existence. In fact, the more grounded we are, the more physical is our experience and this in turn translates to a greater connection with each other and the planet.

Anjali Vaidya treeSensation is not something that can be thought and those who are more oriented to thinking have a harder time doing meditation exercises in a way that produce real energetic results. Pure physical sensation has been described as heat, movement, and density among many things. However, when one becomes truly rooted in sensation, the awareness goes beyond just the physical realm. One can become totally aware of openings throughout the chakra system, but only with an intense physical awareness first. This is an advanced stage.

I always suggest to my students that they learn sensation as their first and foremost spiritual tool. If full body sensation is a goal, then one must start with one body part and use it as a constant reminder of the present moment. Becoming aware of sensation, that is, not imagined, in a charged moment, physically, emotionally or mentally will bring us out of our thinking and identification. With practice, our use of sensation becomes a great aid to our own transformation.

In the higher freedoms, sensation evolves into an enormous pool of substance that naturally includes the body. One can become aware of the physicality of Astral Body and Higher Being Body through resources gained from an ultra keen grasp of the body’s participation in relation to higher frequencies of existence. One has access to these higher frequencies without burning up via extreme sensation that is experienced as a very broad and expanded physicality and inclusive of the physical body. In fact, it is as if the body has expanded to larger dimensions and one can physically feel that. This also becomes a radar for reading and understanding the energy patterns of other people’s Being Force, whether they be alive on this planet or living eternally through their own Higher Being Body.

Often if we find ourselves unable to complete tasks, unable to have intimate relationships, unable to flow with life on earth in a satisfied and joyful manner, it is most likely due in part to lack of grounding.

All of our spiritual progress as individuals and as a species depends on this foundation, so it really is one of the most basic and fundamental necessities of a fulfilling life.tree-of-life-Simone-Pompei

Try the exercise of sensing a body part and simply notice if you can:
  1. hold that attention while doing something else
  2.   use it as a tool to bring yourself back.
  3.  remind yourself to do so going into a charged situation
  4.  take a random minute to do so throughout your day

Approach your experiment with curiosity and an open mind.




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