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We are all extremely fragmented and experience that directly on a daily basis. Some of the reasons why we need to work with presence, and work toward personal transformation is because we have the chance to integrate and become whole.

It’s probably apparent to all of us that we experience fragmentation as inner conflict. You can watch my vlog entitled The Many I’s to gain more perspective on this and how this phenomenon arises within us.

It is one of the more palpable things we experience as fragmented beings. We feel the conflict within us when we want to do something that goes against what we like. We try to set goals for ourselves and fail miserably.. We feel like we don’t have willpower.

We see that we cannot manifest in the way we want to.

Because there are many parts within us that have been conditioned since childhood that have picked up ways to stay in our comfort zone and have adapted ways to survive, we become compartmentalized.  Mechanical reactions color our world, and we see things through filters when it is convenient.

We think only crazy people are all compartmentalized, but that is not really true.  We experience that on a daily basis constantly.

I ask you to experiment with this and see how many times you do something you didn’t want to do, or find you can’t stop yourself from doing something you vowed not to do. This is the direct experience of fragmentation and work with presence brings these groups of I’s together, bringing us strength and the ability to see those I’s at the same time.

By seeing these different I’s at the same time through observation, we become more conscious…more whole.

We can say one thing wholeheartedly meaning what we say.  We are identified with that particular I, and our attention is wholeheartedly captured. Within minutes we can be identified with a different I having a completely different perspective. This is what creates inner conflict.

We must learn to observe these states of identification to be free of the conflict. Through concrete methods of learning expanded awareness, there are ways of seeing those states in action.  Once we see them and become conscious of them, we cannot unsee them. That brings more consciousness, more wholeness, and more integration.

In a video coming soon, i will be explaining certain results that we experience when our different I’s clash. We have mechanisms in place that keep us from  seeing these different disparate parts of ourselves. You will be surprised when you hear what they are.

Let me know about your experience with your own inner conflict and your inability to extricate yourself from self sabotage, staying in your comfort zone, the inability to move forward or letting go of an addiction.

I will reassure you once again that it is not a matter of willpower.

When we think it is and try to accomplish things from sheer willpower, we often miserably fail, even when we do everything right. That approach will never work in the end.

We have to learn to observe this within ourselves in a present moment, without changing anything and then the magic begins.


Sending love this week.



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