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Every Breath You Take

Every breath I take has the potential for higher consciousness. I can use it as a practice, just like I use meditation, only a lot more often. There is a finer substance in the air that we all share and I can draw from that pool of finer substance if I am here, present, and remembering.

In the beginning of my practice with breath, I would forget all the time.  It was only in a time of frustration or crisis that would bring on the need to “calm down”.  As my pool of consciousness grew, so too did a new practice of Self Remembrance.

I remember that there is nothing to change and everything to accept.

In these small seconds I fill my bucket of consciousness.  With that consciousness, I have learned to see more and more of who I am, and what is behind all of my suffering.

When I first started realizing what was really up with me, I became lost and full of despair. I realized my life was built on false pretenses and negative beliefs. It was almost as if my Ego got a whiff of being caught and poured on the heat.

This is the point where I fell into wanting to improve myself.

My own journey became obsessed with fixing and improving. I was looking for a way out of my madness. I only had to look at my life to see nothing was in sync with truth and sincerity. I wanted to be free of my self sabotage.

I did not realize there was really nothing to fix.

My video this week simply explains how  every breath you take can be as a most powerful tool. It is that simple. It is that pure, and it’s easy to forget.  Everything about us is us.  With each breath, we can learn to accept that.


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