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When traveling, I simply notice my environment more.  Things are not as taken for granted when  out of the usual routine. Environment and energy go hand in hand, so I begin to hone in on my energy tracking skills.  This applies to environments and people.

My trip the last couple of weeks took me to the East Coast which has a very different feel from the West Coast.  It’s oozing with the past and everywhere I went there were many more people per square foot except perhaps Connecticut which had a spacious feel. Buildings were older, spaces held certain “vibes”, the general public was much more racially mixed than Seattle and many areas I went through were depressed and dilapidated. I also saw the high end of every city I visited, all in dense urban scenarios.

My experience of energy goes from macro to micro so first I pick up on the feel of the city.  This comes to me as a “feel”. For example, the area in Philadelphia I visited was not the greatest neighborhood and I felt jittery. Boston felt clean, fun, and easy.  New York felt intense, slightly agitated and exciting.

Next, there are the homes in which I stayed and the energies were as varied as the people in them.  Things would ebb and flow and I had to constantly assess what is mine and what is not mine.  This is one of the plights of an empath.

Learning boundary is essential to understanding how to tune out the radio stations and stay on your own channel.

I would sometimes find myself getting grumpy or wigged out and realize it was part of the person’s home and their energy that I was experiencing.  Bringing sensation to my body and watching the feelings help me sort out what is mine and what isn’t.

I realize it is energy that belongs to the building or home itself from a cumulative collection of emotion and activity over a long period of time. Discerning this kind of thing takes practice so the first step is to realize what is yours.  This can only be done through maintaining sensation in the body and observing.  That takes a lot of effort.

We often think we have sensation when in fact we are only “thinking” sensation.

Of course, if you have keen intuition, it will simply come to you in visions, smells, body sensations, feelings and auditory messages.  There are many ways our intuition works.  Once I have myself established in my body, I sense how I am feeling.  I get a clear sense of me from the me-not me practice where I sense my energy boundary and then see if it is meeting other boundaries.  This is most easily done with individuals.

When assessing energy, it is best to start with individuals.

Sometimes I can be with someone and notice after I am with them that I am totally drained or sad.  Since I don’t experience extreme ups and downs from doing a consistent meditation/mindfulness practice for 25 years, I know that this could be the result of me not maintaining enough boundary while around a person who sucks the energy even without knowing it.

Sometimes I can experience a feeling of being invaded and these are people who project energy outward with no regard for others.  They are simply invasive out of neediness and they don’t know it.  If I maintain enough sensation and awareness of my energetic boundary, they are unable to invade and they sometimes will feel slightly “dissed” because their energetic games aren’t effective.

There is yet another type of energetic tendency in people to withdraw completely as if they have no edge whatsoever. They cannot meet me and so I feel almost as if they are not there.

These are just some types of energetic patterns in people.  We all have an edge and the more we work with understanding where our edge is and if it can respectfully meet someone else’s edge, there starts to be a healthier relationship and mutual respect.  It is interesting to go about our day and look for this invisible phenomenon going on all around us.

When you are with other people in small groups or one on one, how is the energy exchange happening?  How do you feel while around this person?  Do you get slightly scared, irritated, anxious for no reason?  Bring sensation to your body and then reassess.what kind of energy the other person is putting forth.  Of course, we can take in many impressions about a person or environment and glean a lot of information. Listen to their tone of voice, look at their body language and posture, watch their eye contact or lack thereof, try to sense an energy from them. They may be saying one thing and energetically doing the opposite.auras

There is so much going on that we can’t see and getting oriented to that will open up a whole new world.

It is easy to spot someone who is giving off so much negativity that we want to get away fast. Not only do they show it through their words and actions, but it can be felt.  We ordered a coffee in Boston in a hip cafe and immediately were struck by a severe dose of this energy from the hip looking guy at the counter.  He was not only miserable but really unfit to serve others in his state. No smiles, no connection, no cooperation with our needs or requests and…no tip. I pointed out to my daughter that maybe his mother died and she promptly pointed out that he would not be there if that had happened.  More likely he just got ditched by a partner.

I walked in a jewelry/artisan shop in the east village in New York where many vendors had booths in one big brick room with tall ceilings.  There was a lot of beautiful handcrafted merchandise.  After looking at two or three booths, both my children and I were drawn to a particular booth.  We all ended up buying things from this woman and I struck up an interesting conversation with her.  She had a bubbly joyful energy.  She connected on an energetic level that maybe people could not perceive, but they felt like buying her stuff.  It was remarkable to feel her vibe.

Now I hope you will go out and experiment with watching energy of environments and people.  It can change a dynamic on a dime. It can explain whether you have healthy boundaries. It will help you understand what is really going on with you and others.

What is your experience with energy?  How do you assess what is going on around you?  Are you keenly oriented to the unseen?  Can you feel others’ energy distinct from your own?

Let me know in the comments below.  We learn from each other!




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  1. Hi Molly, It was such a pleasure to meet you and your daughters in NYC and I have been enjoying your writing/blog since. Thank you so much for your words about me, you made my day. Its been very interesting in this new market hearing from people that they are drawn to me for some reason and I have been trying to understand this newly recognized phenomenon. What do you do when your friends want all of you and get upset when you can’t or won’t ? xo

    • Oh Franni,
      I am so glad you read this blog post!! I hope everyone will go to your booth. Please feel free to give us the name and address of your shop because you have absolutely beautiful jewelry, oriented to crystals. As for your question, we cannot please others at our own expense and when we do, it is usually due to putting some kind of importance on what they think over what you need, in other words, no boundary. When your friends want all of you and you can’t or won’t, you are displaying proper boundary. When they get their panties all in a wad, you can watch them flail and know that it isn’t your fault!! Soon they will understand that you aren’t going to jump when they say jump and will treat you with the respect you are asking for!
      Much love to you. Can’t wait to get another hematite bracelet to go with the other! i love the leather bracelet a LOT!
      Love Molly


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