The Awareness School assists sincere seekers on their quest
for personal transformation through group experience.

We search for meaning in the underlying Truth of great spiritual traditions. Like bees collecting sacred nectar, we absorb the teaching through various methods of transmission:

directed self study


group interaction

sacred movement

The purpose is to attain liberation from suffering, and to unearth the inherent wisdom we already possess. It involves learning mindfulness in every day activities as opposed to working solely by sitting on the cushion. It is group oriented.

The work of each individual contributes to the accelerated transformation of the group and ultimately raises the consciousness of the planet. These practices have no affiliation with a particular religion, but will enhance whatever faith you follow.

We Currently Offer

The Awareness School currently hosts a winter retreat and a week / 10 day long summer retreat.

All who are seeking real change and transformation are welcome to join.

Private sessions with Molly Knight Forde are offered via skype from anywhere in the world.