Local Seattle Class:

These 8 classes will bring you to a place of questioning and provide the required action to verify the answers for yourself. If we don’t question our actual experience, we stay stuck in the trap of our own identification with thought.

Runs Oct. 15- Dec 16th on Thursday nights at 7:30
Each session provides practices to recognize your mechanical nature that keeps you locked in limiting programs and repetitive reactions.

We will cover:

  • Attention: Learn why you are your attention and how that is the basis for living without all the things that hold you back.
  • Awareness: Increase your capacity to take in situations objectively so you can actually choose what you really want.
  • Self Observation: Develop the skill that allows Self Acceptance by noticing without trying to push it away or fix it.
  • Identification: Discover the signs of being on autopilot and what to do about it so you can strengthen  your authentic self,  the one who lives life to its fullest.
  • Devotion:  Create space to receive and manifest.

Enhance your practice

These practices have no affiliation with a particular religion, but will bolster whatever faith you follow.  Deepen the spiritual practice you already have!

Take the Risk To Find Out More About You and Why that Leads To True Fulfillment.

These 8 classes will bring you to a place of questioning like never before so you can take the required action to verify the answers for yourself. If you don’t question your actual experience, you stay stuck in the trap of your own identification with thought.

When you observe something it changes…you don’t need to do anything except learn to be a unified observer…that is what mindfulness creates. Having ALL of your awareness, not just a narrow view is the path to having real choice in life. With the present moment, you repair the past and prepare the future.” – Molly Knight Forde

If things don’t feel right in your life, get to the bottom of the cause.

Underlying most energetic blocks, limiting self belief, anxiety, stress, lack of motivation and inspiration lies a fundamental need for Self Awareness.  With these practices, you learn to shed light on the things you have taken for granted as you.  Shedding light is what changes things forever.

The cost of the class is $599.00.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact us. To register now, use the paypal button below:

Payment options

Finishing this course allows access to our regular Tuesday night group which meets regularly 7:30-10:00 for $100/month.


For the price of the class, you will also receive a FREE private mentoring session with Molly, plus materials from the online group course happening simultaneously this Fall. This is a combined value of over $650.

“I’ve learned to study myself objectively, gained clarity and self awareness like never before from taking this class. I have more love and compassion for myself and others.  I have learned how to energetically clear and recharge myself based on the tools provided.  Sensation is now felt in my body in a way I didn’t know was possible”    Steph Burton

Steph Burton

Artist, oracle card designer, Stephica Burton Designs

“I work with Molly because of her passion for Fourth Way work and the energy and excitement she has for teaching this to others. It seems to come from a deep drive to make the world a better place through its practices. I admire this quality and say YES to that vision.”

Vince Rolle

“From taking the Practical Awareness course, I have become more present, more grounded and peaceful. My relationship with myself and with others has improved and others have noticed that! My sense of well being has increased, I am more productive at work and the sensation in my body has allowed all of the above.”  Phoebe Patten

Phoebe Patten

Energy intuitive at Plantspeak, Stephica Burton Designs

“Working with Molly, I feel more grounded and have gained more perspective. I now have tools for how to come into the present and out of my head. I can excuse myself, understand my reactions and forgive myself and others for tendencies that we’ve all developed. I am better able to call on my awareness or “snap to attention”.  The most useful aspect has been learning meditation and patience with myself when my mind wandered.”

Cecile Krejsa

“I believe that even the simplest meditation I have received from Molly has calmed my anxiety, helped me breath with purpose and begun to lower my blood pressure. Molly has helped me find ways to remind myself to reflect and focus.  Now I stop and smell the roses!”

Eric Westphal, Entrepreneur

“After working with Molly, I have more discipline than I have had in a very very long time.  My ability to focus and attend to things has vastly improved and I feel less desire to RUSH. The most useful aspect for me is the meditation practice.  My sleep is even better and I skip TV more often.”

Kristen Myers, Sales Representative

“I feel I have embarked on the challenging path of looking at what is going on in me with far more useful, practical tools than I have had access to in the past.   I seem to be aware of when I am aware, noticing more content and sensation and learning not to judge. With Molly, I have a commensurate increase in hope and excitement.”

Penelope Dorado, Translator, Jazz Singer, Translator