presence and
expanded awareness.

You’re a serious spiritual seeker looking for a concrete system of transformation to help you live with inner peace and less reaction to external events.

You’re looking for ways to take your meditation practice to the next level.

You want to acquire tools that help with consistency in a spiritual practice.

Experience peace but maybe not before you come face to face with what stops you from having that!
Cultivate self acceptance so you can obliterate your self sabotage.
Live in daily joy and gratitude as your inherent wisdom emerges.

With the present moment, you can repair the past and prepare the future.

The methods of transformation that you’ll find in my classes, retreats and private sessions are a result of 30 years experience and will provide you with concrete and specific practices to develop insight for permanent personal development.
Expand your awareness out in daily life, not just on the cushion so you can choose the way you want your life to be.

These wisdom teachings were passed on to me through higher transmission from both of my teachers. There is no religion or dogma involved.
As you learn to practice these mindfulness techniques, a new type of energy begins to help your life transform. These refined energies will enable you to push against resistance and gain momentum toward authenticity.

The degree to which you see within your own patterns determines your freedom from them. This is shadow work.

As change happens and you experience the benefits, nothing will stop you from accessing your innate wisdom.

You will see real results in everyday life in regards to understanding the cause of negative emotion and what leaks your good energy. Knowing this is the secret to freedom and fulfillment.

Learn to manifest the life you want.

Whether you know how to meditate or not, I am going to show you some simple steps for creating discipline and attention.
You will learn to use unique awareness techniques to key into your inner state and to value the imperfection you discover!
You will learn how to be present by noticing how present you are not.

I invite you to challenge how you see things, what you believe, and what you think you know about yourself.

Molly Knight Forde, parent, professional classical pianist, and spiritual mentor, has been leading people to spiritual and personal freedom through expanded awareness techniques, mindfulness practices and meditation for over 15 years. She facilitates group meditation classes, retreats and workshops in the gorgeous Northwest and takes global one on one clients via skype. Her methods are a unique blend of several traditions that have proven to yield extraordinary results.

She began her adult spiritual practice in Paris as a student of Raymond Kotai Lambert, founder of the Integral Yoga Institute, and an innovative teacher who sought to bring the practice of Zen and Yoga together. Under his guidance for 9 years she immersed herself in the practices of Irano-Egyptian Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kriya, and Zazen. After moving to Seattle in 1994, she embarked on an intense 10 year participation in Fourth Way Work and its Sufi influences, Sacred Wisdom School and 2 years of energy awareness class. She has participated in Gurdjieff Movements seminars around the world and is herself an accomplished Movements teacher.

Molly has received 4 initiations in Tibetan Buddhism, and is a certified Level 2 Reiki Healer.

Her greatest wish is to contribute to the planet by assisting individual transformation through mindfulness, meditation, movement and music.