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A New Home


New homes can have many iterations in life.

They are phases, awakenings, deep understanding, and actual physical places.

It is a joyous occasion to arrive at a new home and it feels risky. The unknown is before me as a welcome adventure.

Every new station of transformation has felt like a new home in which I learn to navigate more personal freedom and innate power. I know I have shed my old skin and shine with bright new colors. I am filled with a sense of hope.

The irony is that each new home emerges from realizing who I already am at some level. I have gone out looking for treasure in distant places only to realize home is where my heart is, where I Am and unfolds when the energies are coalesced in centrifugal force. Like a hermit crab who has outgrown her shell, I shed the old home, raw, vulnerable and unprotected ready for the next phase.

Metamorphosis does not come without accepting the ugly parts in deep humility and the necessity of seeing them for what they are. Like a caterpillar, I do the work of building the chrysalis, a holding tank that may not feel too homey, but absolutely required for new life.

What emerges from the effort is blissful and a huge relief.

I must also learn to embrace hazard in its most sacred form.

Clinging to safety will not create a greater void for spirit to enter. It will only close the doors of possibility and keep things stagnant.

Today I look onto a horizon of possibility as the Awareness School settles into a new home on San Juan Island.

It is fifteen acres of blank canvas with all the possibility for a self sustaining, off the grid way of life. We will build with an eye to the future of permaculture in all its forms. Our aim is to be an outer manifestation of the inner freedom we embody, with reverence toward all of life and nature’s interlocking systems.

We are a part of that system.

This new home will facilitate the transformation that is possible within us. Through the land and our relationship to it, we will learn to cooperate instead of dominate. It will collect the precious nectar of life that coalesces when we work together in right effort.

If I regard this physical place as if it were a new spiritual home, just like my awakenings, I know I will be learning to walk in a new way and in circumstances that I have yet to understand. I put myself in a vulnerable position with the place itself, vowing to learn from it.

May it become the physical magnetic center for the etheric one that has formed over twenty five years of work on all levels. It will house a tradition that has been secretly passed along through the ages, sometimes having to go underground for long periods of time.

May it be a place to connect with each other in ways that we might have imagined impossible. Together we will strive to allow the true meaning of life to emerge within us.

May the land speak to us in all the ways that it can. May we listen with ears we didn’t know we had and see with eyes newly opened. May we realize who we already are in concert with the plants, the soil, the hills, the rocks, the wind, the sun and the animals. Like bees who have collected truth from every which direction, may we experience the alchemical transformation of our work into the truth of life.

May the high frequency honey flow.

Blessings on the Hive.

Welcome All.

And So It Is.





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  1. Congratulations. As a relatively new follower of yours I can see and feel the deep beauty of this dream coming true. May your land, your spirit and Source always bring highest good.

  2. Thank you Jen.
    It is an awesome and also scary next step.
    lots of trust.
    i hope you will join us out there at some point!

  3. So exciting, Molly! I am just thrilled this is finally happening! It has been a long time coming!


  4. Thank you Katie.
    Sean and i are so excited! Lots of room…bring your tent for starters.
    Much love to you.

  5. Molly and Sean, when you first told me about this blessed purchase my mind at once started envisioning us all working and being guided by the land to shaping it into what is was meant to be. A sacred hive surrounded by light that slowly starts spreading that light out to the universe. More powerful because it will be built with our love, our intentions, our blood, sweat and most definitely tears. A long and arduous journey in which we will all grow closer to our own truths. I realize this sounds kinda corny but that was what I saw and felt. Thank you both for bringing me along on your journey! Love you both!

  6. Dear Connie,
    It is our joy to have you on this journey with us. Yes lots of blood sweat and many tears. We are looking forward to seeing what the land will teach us.


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