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Why Taking in Objective Impressions of Ourselves Is A Game Changer

Taking in an objective impression of ourselves is a game changer.

We take in thousands of impressions a second, but it may be surprising to know that most are not objective. We move through the world through a series of associations.  Most of what we take in is analysed and then associated with a retrieved memory, Gurdjieff referred to this system as the formatory apparatus and it works faster than lightning. Before we know it, we see something, associate it with memory and then react.

We rarely take in new impressions and so are unable to be very objective about ourselves or the environment in which we live.

For this reason, it is important to develop skills that will allow us to see things more objectively. With developed attention in our minds paired with sensation in our bodies simultanesouly, we start to stand in the present moment, free of judgement and analysis.  In that presence, we have the opportunity to see something we have never seen before about ourselves.

Our transformation doesn’t come from us labeling something as a limiting belief or coming up with reasons for why we do what we do.

 New impressions are an objective snapshot of us as it is happening, not an analysis afterward.  Once we gather many of those snapshots, we begin to understand what actually creates our negative emotion.  We start to see how these emotions like anger, fear, frustration or insecurity are built on associations that are highly subjective and untrue. We get a snapshot of how we are identified  and attached to illusions of all sorts.

If we get good at taking in new impressions of ourselves, we may see how our sideways anger is unfounded. We may begin to not take things so personally, and start to see how we have associated something someone has said with something negative or personal in our past. We start to see how we have been blaming others for what we could not see in ourselves.

New impressions are life changing.

n my Practical Awareness Ecourse, I spend a whole module on impressions and how to acquire objective ones.  If you want to learn a deep path of personal transformation that really works, register for the upcoming round. Each week, you will learn another piece of the puzzle that leads to your freedom.

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