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Why Contrast Is So Important


Without contrast, we cannot appreciate things. We cannot see how blessed we are. In fact, the greater the contrast we experience in life, the more we do not take things for granted.

What I mean by contrast is the darker more unpleasant experiences in life. Without our troubles and difficulties, we would not appreciate what we do have.

Take illness as an example. When we are in pain for a long period of time, we are ultra relieved when it stops, even more so than someone who has only had acute pain for a day. With a prolonged health issue, we experience overjoyed relief when it stops.

All of this came to my mind yesterday as i walked in the perfect weather yesterday. It was not just another beautiful day. This day came after months and months of cold rainy weather here in Seattle. We have been truly starved of sun this Spring so much so that things were not germinating. The soil is so saturated that things are way behind.

Spring is a difficult month for me anyway because of my expectations. I sometimes get lucky but most of the time it is a lot colder with a few sun breaks here and there along the way. We enjoy the beauty of the flowers and the lush green, but there is a cold bite in the air.

This Spring has been unbearable for not just me but many.  The most rainfall in history since it has been being recorded. The temperature have not risen and stayed steadily warmer for more than a day. This comes on the heels of the rainiest and coldest winter on record for the Northwest.

For a native Floridian, that is torture. I have to immerse myself in hot baths often to get my body temperature up.

So you can imagine the joy and pure bliss all of us experienced yesterday as temperatures broke into the high seventies. Everyone is out walking, gardening, or sunbathing. People are high on life, love, light and warmth. This weather was so appreciated that it struck a chord in me.

People in Florida do not experience this contrast.

Contrast provided a deeper sense of gratitude and relief.

So we must appreciate the great contrast we feel when we heal from abuse. We appreciate a non abusive situation and do not take for granted what life could be like.

People who have healed from health conditions do not take their health for granted.  People who have lived with great lack do not take their meals for granted. Those who have suffered great loss appreciate much more profoundly their new founded security.

The next time you are experiencing adversity, try to remember there is a rhyme and reason to it all. In hindsight, you will be able to appreciate why it came into your life.




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