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What Is the Present Moment?

What you learn from this video is:

The present moment is not that easy to attain.

There are certain requirements in order to be in the present moment

 All of our healing and access to higher consciousness comes from there.

The more you practice certain skills of attention and sensation, the better you are equipped to learn much more about yourself. Learning about attention is really on nobody’s mind. We want to be five steps ahead of that and then have to figure out why our lives aren’t working out. if you are a spiritual seeker or in need of healing, understanding the present moment is your answer.

Consider taking the Practical Awareness Ecourse coming up.  You will learn the foundational tools for understanding how to be in the present moment and why that is so important. Your life works from a baseline of automatic and habitual behavior.  You can either take your life into your own hands and do the work of raising your consciousness or you can keep having life come at you like a force to reckon with.

The course is 8 weeks with live weekly meetings, loads of content and homework to do out in life as you go about your business.

Find out more here: Practical Awareness Ecourse

I look forward as always to your comments about your experience with the present moment.

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