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We Are All Crazy

Forgive me right off the bat for saying we are all crazy but I really do explain what that really means in the video.  Hopefully by the time you watch it, you will understand just what is going on inside of all of us.

It will explain a lot about how willpower is a bunch of bullshit.

It might help you accept yourself a little better when you catch yourself beating yourself up.

What I do know is that until I could witness my many I’s in action over a period of years, I could not reconcile how I had so much conflict within myself. I simply kept living this whacko life where I felt great and then I felt really really bad.

I set myself up for impossible accomplishments, and failed miserably:

I wanted to love but I couldn’t muster even a smile.

I wanted to take the high road and all I could do was lie.

I tried to quit smoking 32 times before I finally achieved that goal.

You have probably read other articles that I have written on the Many I’s and it is a focal point in my Practical Awareness Course, but you can never get enough about this phenomenon happening within us.

If we can acknowledge just a little bit of this craziness in us, we will stay on the look out.

I hadn’t done a vlog on this important subject, so this was a must do!

It’s a good lead up to my vlogs on self sabotage next week and the weeks to come.

On another not: I kept talking about 5 stars in Youtube but I must have been mixing that up with Netflix or something stupid like that.

A thumbs up, a subscribe, or a comment keeps this ball rolling. It’s a thrill at this point to see somebody subscribe!!  Woot I think I have 22 at this point, but it’s just the beginning.  Please make my day. Or just watch the video!!!!

I also can’t help but say, i am doing it.  I vowed to vlog and it’s happening even though I get a little self critical sometimes. For me, writing is so much easier.  I hope you are enjoying them!

Let me know about your struggles with your own personal Dr Jekyl and Mrs. Hyde.


Have a great week.



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  1. Thanks Molly. I totally relate to this. Curious how we distinguish between the I’s we want to reinforce versus the ones that we want to shed. Is it as simple as choosing which ones we like most? What if we want both the healthy body and chocolate cake, and impact as well as money? Thanks!



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