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Self Observation Leads To Self Acceptance


This week’s vlog proposes a pathway to self acceptance through self observation. We all believe we are able to observe ourselves, but I am referring to a present moment awareness in which we see something we couldn’t see before.

Self observation takes effort.  It is not our thinking observing our thinking which is what most of us do all the time. Some of the requirements for this kind of objective watching of ourselves are:

Sensation in the body at the time of the observation

Integration of the body, the emotions, and the thinking.

Refraining from changing what we see

These three “centers” if not integrated can create lots of problems on their own. We have a lopsided perspective of things when we are only focused in one center. Gurdjieff called them the brains and referred to us as three brained beings. It is easy to see how each brain functions, but it is not easy to be in all three at the same time.

When we get better at self observation, we gain a kind of objectivity that we did not have before. In the times we actually do observe ourselves, we gain staying power and a certain force.  This allows us to stay and watch our negative states without judging them. If we start to try and change the negative state, our Ego has caught hold of it.  In judgement, we are no longer observing, but deeming our state as bad or good.

If we can learn to stay and watch, something happens just because of the law of quantum physics. An observer has an effect on the object it perceives. When we can observe ourselves in action from this deeper perspective, we are able to accept it. We see our states of identification with limiting beliefs, fear and the like. We feel and understand our anxiety for what it is. We watch ourselves putting importance on what others think. However, if we have the staying power to observe it by this new definition of self observation, then we are able to accept what we see in ourselves.

We are able to accept what is and that means we accept ourselves. It allows us to accept what is in others. We learn to accept diversity. We have deeper relationships and a sense of community.

We can change the world.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this!



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  1. Indeed Molly! With self acceptance comes acceptance of others and isn’t that exactly what human beings need desperately at this moment in time.

    Love this!

    • oh so desperately my dear Jane


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