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I can’t tell you how many times I have taken things for granted.

Right now i keenly feel the passage of time as my last kid is about to graduate from high school and head out the door. It feels so poignant.

Life can truly slip through our fingers without really seizing the moment.

I am so happy for my daughter as I was for my other children to set out on their life adventure.  I don’t need them to complete my life and i am not wishing they would stay at home. There is something so precious about knowing my time with them in the house is finite. It does not go on forever.

We know this, but something allows us to forget to take things to the fullest extent because we take for granted that it will be there tomorrow. Sometimes we don’t pay attention fully because we can go back and read about it tomorrow. We don’t listen carefully because we are in the habit of asking someone to repeat themselves.

If we had a better sense of the present, we would be more here now.

I think about the times when i was working and didn’t stop fully when my kids needed me. I was too busy or thought it was too important to stop what i was doing and attend to their needs.

It goes so fast; it really does, but ironically we don’t realize that until it’s gone .

It seems to be a similar feeling when we are with someone who is dying. We want to spend a lot more time reminiscing and listening to their stories before they go.

There is a lot to be said about procrastination and the disease of tomorrow in this scenario too. See my video about seizing the moment by doing what must be done: The Disease of Tomorrow.

This article however is about doing things with as much fervor and enthusiasm as possible. Seizing the moment carries with it the realization that this moment shall pass. We too are not infinite creatures, so keeping the notion of our own mortality close to us can change everything.

Perhaps it becomes more poignant as we get older, but something changes for us at any age when we truly confront our death.

We have a chance to enliven life like never before.

Let’s live today as if it were our last because honestly, it really could be.

What decisions can be made to reflect that and how can we most effectively spend our time?

Have an amazing week.




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