3 Month Package.

You have always been a seeker, aware of the greater forces around you and know there is something more to life.

You want a way out of the patterns that have locked you into your self sabotage. because you just don’t know exactly how to stop them from taking over. You’re tired of negativity, fear and worry pulling you down and feel that your efforts aren’t getting anywhere.

I can show you concrete ways to work through your upper limits.

You want deep satisfaction in your relationships, your work and yourself by understanding that negative emotions are just an illusion that get in your way (easier said than done, I know.

You want to work with someone who has a lifetime of expertise in the spiritual realm.

You’re ready to experience a one on one personal and spiritual transmission.

I’ll show you how to establish a solid practice to work with the rest of your life.


I help my clients to permanently free themselves from what holds them back.

These are things I learned from a long-term mentorship with my spiritual teachers. They supported me as I unraveled many patterns and learned to clearly see and feel the underpinnings of my suffering –

I learned that in the Present, I could repair the past and prepare the future that I wanted.

At any given moment, I could choose, instead of being a victim of my perceived limits, my reactions, and my habitual responses that had been controlling my every decision since childhood.

Once that paradigm shift occurred, I could live my life enjoying the journey instead of constantly wanting more and waiting for an ideal situation.

Challenges and difficulty now rarely bother me and if they do, it is for a fleeting moment, not days and weeks as they used to!

You too can learn how to become permanently free from the things that are in the way of full satisfaction in your life.

“I am more aware and more present after working 12 weeks with Molly.  I can pay attention to my reactions, enabling me to respond instead of react. I meditate every day now! I have begun to recognize the divine in me, such that I can recognize the divine in you.”

Sylvia Hadnot, School Counselor

The Sacred Wisdom 3 Month Mentorship.

This is a mentorship program designed to guide you one on one through the power of meditation and practical awareness techniques. You will learn how to successfully use these skills as you go about life, not just on the cushion.

You will discover which practices to use for specific situations – these will become your secret weapon to knock old negative patterns on the head when they arise in any given moment.

The experience of having individualized attention for your particular issues through a spiritual lens will change your life precisely because it is not analysis.

It flipped the switch to joy and confident self mastery in my life and it will do the same for you too.

The purpose of this 3 month process is to provide you with a means of seeing into your own habitual mode of being and how that creates moods, reactions and inner dialogue – about yourself and others.

You will uncover what really triggers your reactions so that you learn to observe them, rather than feeling overwhelmed and overtaken by them.

You’ll find that setbacks don’t seem as dramatic or critical anymore. You’ll take them in your stride. You will experience a real, deep and lasting peace and sincere contentment with life.

Automatically you will become more compassionate and understanding of others.  Your personal progress will affect every relationship and contact you have with the outer (as well as inner) world.

Are you ready to take the next step toward living a life of deep satisfaction and self awareness?

You can experience this kind of freedom and have a life that doesn’t drain you of energy.

“Molly challenged me to open my heart and my mind and to work through the blocks that kept me stuck in old ways. As a result of our work together, I have found myself. I am more of who I want to be, independent, strong yet soft, self assured, peaceful and free. Molly is a woman who inspires people to be and do their best, feels and cares deeply for all of life. She is a seeker of truth and love, she is the student and the teacher, authentic and vulnerable, a hard worker and devoted mother. I am honored to call her friend.”

Barbara Yeakel, Artist and Minister

In the Sacred Wisdom Mentorship, you will learn:
  • practices to increase your awareness so that you recognise the cause of your frustration and unhappiness and learn how to reduce it’s impact in your everyday life
  • the art of Self Observation so that you learn to see your behaviours and reactions without judgement or criticism
  • meditations that have a specific effect that you will learn to use as tools when you need specific help in areas such as more energy, more focus, and more grounded calm
  • to recognize how and when old patterns, limiting beliefs and self sabotage take over and how to easily become free of their grip
  • become aware of how present you aren’t so that you can then start to make truly conscious choices and participate fully in your life to bring forth greater power, connection and inner success


You will receive:
  • Two 90 minute intensive sessions
  • weekly 50 minute skype calls/ local meeting
  • 3 months email support
  • monthly recorded teachings from Molly Knight Forde
  • access to the Awareness School Private online group
  • resources I use for my in-person groups and classes
  • reduced member prices to all retreats
Total Investment: $2600

If this speaks to you, let’s hop on the phone to talk.

Once you book, we can discuss any questions you have and evaluate whether this is a good fit. This work is not for everyone and I want to make sure that you are fully committed and that I am the right teacher for you!!

“I study with Molly because of her passion for the work and the energy and excitement she has for teaching this to others. It seems to come from a deep drive to make the world a better place through its practices. I admire this quality and say YES to that vision.”

Vince Rolle