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Why Reprogramming Doesn’t Work

I have seen many solutions for tending to limiting beliefs, negative emotion, self pity, guilt and the like, and reprogramming seems to be the most popular approach.  It’s a bandaid that does not address the root cause. I want to explain why reprogramming does not work.

We can emphasize the positive all we want but until we deal with the negative and observe it in ourselves for what it is, the shadow still looms large. We condition ourselves to believe something new, but it is just that… conditioning. That is what got us into trouble in the first place.  We find ourselves able to cope and to deal with our ugly selves until that reactive monster comes screaming out.  Yes it still lives within us, even though we have found ways of keeping it at bay.

In this video, I explain how mantras done with our thinking train the subconscious but don’t deal with the real problem. Learn what it really takes to get to the root of the matter in my video blog, Why Reprogramming Doesn’t Work.

Let me know how you have tried to deal with limiting beliefs and what has worked for you!




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