Practical Awareness
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With the Present, Repair the Past and Prepare the Future


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With the Present, Repair the Past
and Prepare the Future

Take the Risk To Find Out More About You.
Align Your Life With Your Destiny.
8 Weeks Live group sessions

Practical Awareness Techniques

The focus on weekly themes will demonstrate how to do Inner Work in every day life as we go about our jobs and family life. This is where the rubber hits the road. This is how you learn to be here now.


Learn specific meditations meant to become transformative tools that you know how to use.

Accelerated Transformation

Working in a group setting increases the intensity of the results, making more possible for each individual. No more avoiding the writing on the wall here. We support each other in being real and learning what Self Observation actually is on the live weekly calls.

Become A Member of Our Tribe

Participation in this course gives you access to our private online group, discount prices for all retreats, workshops and future classes plus the invitation to continue in a virtual group class.

This Is A Course That Will Change Your Life Forever!

8 Weeks Live E-Course

Each module provides ways to recognize the mechanical nature of your limiting programs and repetitive reactions. For eight weeks, you will be provided with a meditation, a new lesson and the practices to be done as you go about your day. The course will be accessible to you for life.

Live Group Meetings Together with Molly and Sean

Our weekly group calls allow participants to share observations from the prior week’s efforts as well as ask questions that inevitably many of you will have. When participants share their experience of the present moment, we can all enter in.

Substantial Discounts on Retreats and Workshops for Life

As a graduate of the class you are a lifetime member of the Awareness School online community and receive discount member prices on future courses, retreats and workshops, plus access to an ongoing online group class.

These practices have no affiliation with a particular religion, but will bolster whatever faith you follow.

Deepen the spiritual practice you already have!

These practices have no affiliation with a particular religion, but will bolster whatever faith you follow.

Deepen the spiritual practice you already have!

“I feel I have embarked on the challenging path of looking at what is going on in me with far more useful, practical tools than I have had access to in the past. I seem to be aware of when I am aware, noticing more content and sensation and learning not to judge. With Molly and this class, I have a commensurate increase in hope and excitement.”

Penelope Donado, Translator, Jazz Vocalist

There are many opinions about the life we’re in. Where a majority of teachings ask for faith in concepts, Molly encourages self examination, where students must find for themselves the mechanisms that drive our existence. Through this process comes the possibility of actual change; of a real understanding about our place in this world. She is a very valuable tool for anyone seeking a broader perspective.

Brandon Foshee

“Working with Molly, I feel more grounded and have gained more perspective. I now have tools for how to come into the present and out of my head. I can excuse myself, understand my reactions and forgive myself and others for tendencies that we’ve all developed. I am better able to call on my awareness or “snap to attention”. The most useful aspect has been learning meditation and patience with myself when my mind wandered.”

Cecile Krejsa, Chemical engineer

“The Practical Awareness Course provided the guidance, support and tools that I was looking for to strengthen my spiritual practice and heal my relationship with myself. The increase in my awareness has empowered me to lean into my discomfort, be curious, vulnerable, and compassionate with myself as I observe the limiting patterns that have been holding me back from living more fully and authentically. Molly creates a sacred container for self-discovery to unfold, which has inspired me to dive deep into the work and reconnect with my true self.”

Michele Trump, Holistic Health Coach, Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner

Go deep with sacred meditation and daily practices to increase your self-awareness and energetic capacity.

Take yourself to a place of questioning like never before, so you can learn the required action to verify the answers for yourself. If you don’t question your actual experience, you stay stuck in the trap of your own identification with thought. This isn’t just about feeling better; it’s about seeing more.

For the price of the class, you will also receive lifetime discounted member prices on all retreats and workshops, plus access to the Awareness School online community.

If you are serious about your time here on earth, discover your real purpose; discover yourself.



Develop the skill that brings about Self Acceptance by noticing without trying to push it away or fix it. Things can actually change when you yourself notice phenomenon from a very unique and extraordinary perspective that is only your very own, one in which all of your faculties are lined up. This is the quintessential shadow work. This capacity to see objectively was basically conditioned out of you as a coping mechanism. You have to relearn what was and still is a part of your Essence.


Attention and Awareness

Learn why you are your attention and how that is the basis for living in a way that you actually manifest your vision. Expanded awareness is not about focus or even directed attention. It is about learning to take in impressions objectively and this is how you see into your patterns. If you can do this, your life will change drastically.


Negative Emotion and Identification

You experience life compartmentalized in one center or another, be it thinking, feeling or instinctive. You try to solve your problems from this non unified perspective and so do not really progress in terms of eliminating anxiety, stress, or inefficiency. You experience lack of joy, motivation, or inspiration because you are identified with roles and stories. This is how you have coped, but I can show you ways to strengthen your ground, raise the type of energy in which you function so that you are strong enough to see.

“I’ve learned to study myself objectively, gained clarity and self awareness like never before from taking this class. I have more love and compassion for myself and others. I have learned how to energetically clear and recharge myself based on the tools provided. Sensation is now felt in my body in a way I didn’t know was possible”

Stephica Burton, Artist, Oracle Card Designer, Energy Reader

“From taking the Practical Awareness course, I have become more present, more grounded and peaceful. My relationship with myself and with others has improved and others have noticed that! My sense of well being has increased, I am more productive at work and the sensation in my body has allowed all of the above.”

Phoebe Patten, Energy Intuitive at Plantspeak

“I am more aware and more present after working in this class. I can pay attention to my reactions, enabling me to respond instead of react. I meditate every day now! I have begun to recognize the divine in me, such that I can recognize the divine in you.”

Sylvia Hadnot, School Counselor

The content is based on 25 years experience of using and teaching these extraordinary methods of mindfulness and personal transformation.

It is an esoteric teaching of ancient wisdom, both unique and extremely effective.

It is meant to get you on the road to noticing just how asleep you are to your own mechanical reactions and your conditioning. When you discover this, you never go back. You begin a lifetime of seeking in ways that allow you to discover what fuels negative emotion and suffering.

You will get a glimpse of how illusory life really is and can then set yourself on a trajectory to learn how to choose, how to be free, how to stay inspired, how to live life to the fullest without getting in the way. You will be able to do that because you will start noticing what is actually in the way…

You will never look at your life the same way.


You have not gotten traction from other spiritual practices.

You are sick of “knowing your story” but unable to truly extricate yourself from it.

You want to learn effective and permanent ways out of your distress.

The E-Course will give you a taste of the beginning of this process and start you down the road to a more practical way of learning mindfulness that will give you results. You can use this course over and over for years to come and your understanding will increase the more you do it.

You may, for example, be trying to do spiritual practices, healing and centering from your thinking and you don’t even realize it. All you know is that things are not working no matter how hard you try to be disciplined about meditating, no matter how many “clearings” you experience, no matter how much past life information you get from someone else.

Meditating and spiritual work is about being present on this earth here and now so you can be of service, experience real joy and learn to love thy neighbor as thyself.

Usually the trick is to learn how to love thyself.

“The Practical Awareness class has provided me tools for living a more joyful, purposeful and calm life. I can now handle with ease situations that used to be very difficult. Molly makes these crucial concepts easy to understand and implement. I’m telling all my friends to take this class!”

Beth Bryson Morgan, Counselor, Entrepreneur

“From this class and working with Molly, I have more discipline than I have had in a very very long time. My ability to focus and attend to things has vastly improved and I feel less desire to RUSH. The most useful aspect for me is the meditation practice. My sleep is even better.”

Kristen Myer, Sales Representative

“As a energy healer and spiritual junkie, I’ve used many tools, meditations, and programs on my life’s path, but Molly Knight Forde’s Practical Awareness course catapulted me to a new level.I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to dive deeper into the world of self-awareness and self-observation! You’ll be open to a whole new perspective about yourself, life, and the world!”

Kara Promicter, Healer, Reiki Master

“I am deeply grateful for the Practical Awareness course. I feel more grounded in my strengths, less worried about things I cannot control, less anxious and afraid, and more able to live peacefully with uncertainty. Molly’s guidance in Practical Awareness has been a lifeline for me.”

Emily Reisser, Singer

“Working with Molly is a journey into self-discovery, but not in the ways that have been more commonly used of late. This is a course that will stretch your relationship with yourself. It’s not a walk in the park, but it’s definitely a more aware and present walk in the park.”

Vanessa Couto, Astrological Coach and Artist

“Working with Molly & Sean in the Practical Awareness Course has been such a profound experience. It has opened a window into a sense of understanding about what is running me, and I know with all my being that it is just the beginning of an incredible transformation. I feel truly alive and hopeful for the first time in a long while.”

Jane Ewing, Controller

Molly Knight Forde, professional classical pianist, speaker, author and spiritual mentor, has been leading people to spiritual and personal freedom through expanded awareness techniques, mindfulness practices and meditation for over 15 years. She facilitates group meditation classes, retreats and workshops in the gorgeous Northwest and takes global one on one clients via skype. Her methods are a unique blend of several traditions that have proven to yield extraordinary results.

She began her adult spiritual practice in Paris as a student of Raymond Kotai Lambert, founder of the Integral Yoga Institute, and an innovative teacher who sought to bring the practice of Zen and Yoga together. Under his guidance for 9 years she immersed herself in the practices of Irano-Egyptian Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kriya, and Zazen.

After moving to Seattle in 1994, she embarked on an intense 10 year participation in Fourth Way Work and its Sufi influences, Sacred Wisdom School and 2 years of Energy Awareness class. She has participated in Gurdjieff Movements seminars around the world and is herself an accomplished Movements teacher.

Molly has received 4 initiations in Tibetan Buddhism, and is a certified Level 2 Reiki Healer.

Her greatest wish is to contribute to the planet by assisting individual transformation through mindfulness, meditation, movement and music.

When you observe something, it changes… you don’t need to do anything except learn to be a unified observer… that is what mindfulness creates. Having ALL of your awareness, not just a narrow conditioned view is the path to having real choice in life. With the present moment, you repair the past and prepare the future.”

Molly Knight Forde

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