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Intentional Inner Friction

Sacred GeometrySpeaking at the Be Great Conference, a gathering of entrepreneurs in soul based businesses, was an amazing experience. I want to share my topic, The Third Force: Embracing Resistance.  

I notice resistance revealing itself in small ways throughout my day in the form of distraction, procrastination, and fear.

I am listening to discussions in a new way, oriented toward how people deal with resistance. I start to hear how many excuses we make for ourselves.

My depth of perception in regards to resistance and how we use it is expanding..

Because of Newton’s Third Law of Motion, we know nothing goes forward without resistance. For every action, there is an equal and opposing reaction.  It’s the law, and if we accept that it’s true, we find ourselves better able to understand what is happening to us when we meet with resistance coming at us.

My basic premise is that resistance is an inside job, whether we attract situations and circumstances of the necessary proportion to match our vibration or take things in our own hands and use it to deal with our lower nature.

We must first recognize in life that everything we do will be met with resistance whether it is from the outside or from our own intentional application of it.

Now there is a huge difference between these two aspects.

Let’s take the example of steering a boat. If we are in control of the rudder, we can make small course corrections as the wind or the current push us out of line.  There are two forces, the wind and the rudder and those together propel us forward in the direction we want to go.  If we didn’t apply any resistance, the wind or current would blow us in any which way until something else out of our control blows us the other way.  We become victims of fate.

This is how life is for many people who do not understand how to use resistance or inner friction to produce the Third Force. For them, life is a series of tragedies, dramas and setbacks to be used as excuses for not living the life they want.

Do you know anyone who is constantly living in the drama of life?  Do you notice that some people attract major strife, tragedy and difficulty?

For all of us, shit happens. The wind will blow our boat off course, just because we have gotten in the boat in the first place. We have to take the responsibility to steer it.

Part of the magic of using resistance against our own lower nature is that we are intentionally choosing to create inner friction.  When we choose the road less traveled, choose to confront our pain, take the scary risk, we have the chance to experience the two forces inside of ourselves that we usually avoid.  This is the only way we can create Third Force.

It cannot exist without the two forces being present simultaneously.

When we rest in our comfort zone, there is only one force present.  We avoid the “pain”, the “fear”, and unfortunately, the “gain”. Many of us are identified with suffering so let’s not get the masochists and workaholics  all excited.

This is not about suffering as a way to move forward. It is about choosing to put oneself through the fire to ignite the magic.Friction-Fire

Sometimes that can come in the form of letting go, if we are the type to drive ourselves to the point of exhaustion, determined to not let anything get in our way. Remember, that kind of push will be met with equal and opposing force.

Conversely, we can avoid the work of our own transformation and have other people “clear it”, but sooner or later the resistance of our own unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and return of the problem we were originally trying to fix will require us to do something for ourselves.

If we can intentionally bring about the inner friction, either letting go or taking action, we take responsibility and a finer energy is produced. This is how we raise our vibration in a permanent way. This means we no longer attract shocks of massive proportions in the form of hurricanes and giant squalls to get the message across.

Life gets easier. We start manifesting what we want. We learn to steer the boat away from the storm.

How does this look for us in terms of daily life?

First we must understand that so much of our fear is the result of an identification with thought and false beliefs so it kicks up a survival mode response.  If uncertain outcome is involved, and any risk or creative endeavor we take falls under that category, then our lower nature will grab on and automatically react in fear.

Things that are not life or death situations morph into eminent threat. We are given the instruction at central command to avoid at all costs, and so we learn to procrastinate through distraction, perfectionism, overwhelm and attracting “disastrous situations” to use as excuses.

When we find ourselves procrastinating, taking one small step means taking the rudder in your hand.  If you are a writer with writer’s block, sitting down to write at the same time everyday, even if it comes out nonsense is taking that step.

If you are riddled with anxiety, finding ways to be still on the inside provides intentional resistance and will reveal the pain that causes it in the first place. Recognizing the things we do to avoid that pain is subtle and taking one small step toward peering in will reap great rewards.

Sitting in the anxiety and trying to observe it from a neutral perspective without trying to change it or judge is the missing force, the rudder against the current.  Instead of pushing it away or masking symptoms, we discover the shadow.  This is when the Third force comes streaming in to allow us to see deeper parts of ourselves.

Learning how to apply the missing force through intentional inner friction is the most profound  and fruitful spiritual work.

Please let me know your experience with resistance. Try working with it and let me know how it goes. What are situations in your life that have required you to apply resistance that brought about a revelation of sorts? Can you recognize energy leaks in the form of negative emotion, anxiety and the like and simply watch them?

Have a great week and May The Force Be With You.





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