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I Honor You.

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Today I want to honor:

Those of you who feel like crap,

Those who cannot shake a terrible feeling of disappointment,

Those who feel nobody gets you,

Those who cannot seem to shirk an impending sense of doom,

Those who are tired of making efforts,

Those who don’t know if it’s going to work,

Those who keep cringing in fear but don’t know why,

Those who are convinced they are not going to be successful,

Those who are afraid of themselves,

Those who wallow in guilt for what they have said or done,

Those who dread getting up,

Those whose minds are racing,

Those who keep bursting into tears and don’t know why,

Those who feel like giving up,

Those who are angry at themselves for not making better choices,

Those who feel trapped,

Those who really care about what everyone thinks,

Those who can’t pinpoint where these awful feelings comes from,

Those who live in fear of doing something wrong,

Those who feel they are not enough just as they are,

Those who secretly suffer with no one to talk to,

Those who hide their pain

Those who cannot accept help,

Those who blame everyone else for their unhappiness,

Those whose greatest weakness is shaming themselves,

Those who cannot find a way to escape,

Those who pretend everything is alright,

Those who disregard their own wishes in order to please,

Those who mistreat themselves,

Those who are angry about their misfortune,

Those who wish they hadn’t,

Those who wish they had,

Those who find fault in everyone,

Those who want to be seen and heard,

Those who look for love in all the wrong places,

Those who cannot go on…


because you are not alone.

I have been there too.

I honor you today because you are me and I am you.

We share a common human experience no matter where we are in the stages of transformation or freedom from these things.

I honor you because I know how hopeless it feels and I also want you to know there is a way out, I promise.

There is a way out, but you have to trust and perhaps trust cannot be found in your repertoire.

There is Reality behind these illusions.
There is Love and you can have it.

Your process requires belief in a chance at freedom, faith that it can happen, and trust that it is yours.

Trust comes from your ultimate vulnerability and surrender.

You can take the risk because you have nothing to lose but that long list above.

I’ll whisper in your ear…Let Go.
God will catch you.

All My Love,




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