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How To Upgrade Your Frequency

When looking at energies and how to upgrade your frequency, we can measure several things. First of all, we can look at the kind of energy most people talk about.  It refers to whether we are tired or more full of “energy”.

But what does this actually mean?

We can describe our state as vibrant, full, not tired, focused, and not dispersed when we consider how we are feeling when we have energy.

We can feel drained, tired, lethargic, distracted and unmotivated when our “energy” is down and uncollected.

This is mainly looking at one gradation of energy that we feel on a coarse level.

When we are physically ill we know we have fallen below a certain threshold of vitality that ordinarily keeps us functioning properly.

When looking at personal transformation and living at a higher frequency, there is much to understand about energy and how it acts within us and upon us.

Energy is a property of objects that can transform and uplevel in frequency but it never disappears. In other words, it can be converted but never destroyed.

In my line of spiritual teaching, we often refer to energy as force and pay close attention to loss or gain of it.

John Bennett, author and my teacher’s teacher, created a classification of energies when looking at spiritual development. He divided twelve energies into three categories: material, vital and cosmic. The material energies are somewhat natural and under our “control”; the vital energies require our participation; and cosmic energies are beyond our power to direct. We as humans are apparati for the cosmic transformation of these energies from one form to another.

In a nutshell, Bennett classifies energy in terms of our ability to do spiritual work and enhance our psychic functions (if you want to know the whole system, please read his book entitled Energies). Each level of inner work requires corresponding levels of energy. For our understanding and consciousness to become more refined, the energy working upon us and within us must be of a higher and higher frequency.  There is a particular quality of energy that enables our ability to see more sensitively than is possible from habit or sleep mode (a place where we live most of the time).  In sleep mode, our sensitivity remains in a state directed by thinking.

Not only does Bennett consider the quality of energy but also the quantity and the intensity.

These factors can create a perfect storm for our own personal growth and ability to observe. For example, we may be working on the practice of “presence”, where thought energy, feeling energy and sensation of the body come together in perfect harmony.  A certain amount of energy is required just to remember to try to be present. However, the intensity and quantity of the energies that we can apply in this practice may not be enough to achieve presence, due to leakage.  Our pool of energy is leaked by constant low grade worrying or inner considering, so there is never enough to make that present moment happen.  Effort alone will create an upgrade whether we feel successful or not about the result but the quantity and intensity needs to be there too..

We live a serious catch 22 as far as energy is concerned.

When we want to become more conscious, we make efforts through intentional friction (intensity).  In order for that energy to upgrade, however, there has to be a certain amount of that type of energy in our bucket to reach a tipping point.  We are usually running on automatic energy which allows us to function quite comfortably (or not) without any consciousness.  We are not aware that negative emotions and reactions are seated in habitual mechanisms requiring a higher level of energy to see them in action. As we meditate or do vigilant mindfulness practices to integrate our thinking, feeling and sensation, we begin to collect and operate with sensitive energy. If, however, we leak that energy by various means like worrying, anger, alcohol, drugs and even malnutrition, we are unable to gather enough (quantity) to make something tip the scale. So… what we are trying to see leaks the energy we are trying to see with. ( If you want to know more about leaks see my blog entitled Energy Leaks)

If we can maintain conscious effort often enough (frequency), we begin to gather more of the kind of energy it takes to see within (quantity).  The intensity of efforts will then raise the quality of energy so that we begin to have huge aha moments that go well beyond insight.  These are moments of clarity beyond a shadow of a doubt and feel like something outside of thought, outside of time, and outside of our habitual range of seeing.

The important thing to know here is that effort creates the upgrade.

Trying to observe our negative states creates friction. Most of us believe we know how to observe our negative states, as if when experiencing them, we can watch them.  When we are caught up like this, we are not observing them.  Our attention is completely captured and we find ourselves hopelessly unable to extract ourselves from our identification with being who we think we are (insert whatever role you wish here, dutiful daughter, soulful leader, the fraud, not enough, being successful, being mindful, or being perfect).  We are relegated to a certain prison when lower grade energy is at play (aka automatic energy in Bennett’s terms).

Luckily striving to wriggle free and truly observe will produce something.  No effort goes unrewarded.  Once that upgrade to sensitive energy occurs, we suddenly see with some modicum of separation.  We begin to notice things about ourselves previously imperceptible.  We wake up. Our work then has a new particular quality of striving to break through. ( If you want to learn more about inner friction, see my blog entitled Intentional Inner Friction.)

Antahkarana-Spiral-of-Spiritual-Illumination-Energy-energyenhancement-orgIf there is enough sensitive energy in supply, our full capacity blossoms and develops when a higher creative energy ( a universal cosmic energy) acts upon us, producing conscious energy. With this new energy, we can truly remember. The world of psychic function is in its grounded form and the opening of our heart center is attainable.

In short, there is so much to learn through experience in terms of energy upgrades.  The science of how energy works within us can help us understand what to do next, how to work and how to gain the right amount of force to then sit back and surrender.

It makes the difference between us simply surviving and living a conscious life of choice.

What’s your experience with energy and your ability to make efforts like this?

Have you ever noticed no matter how hard you try things just don’t change?

I would love to hear your thoughts on energy!




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