6 Week Package.

Perhaps you have tried online courses, read meditation books and used recordings, but you’re really looking for someone to help you make your spiritual practice work.

Therapy has gotten you just so far and healers have given you a temporary fix.

You may be looking for what causes all of the stress, anxiety and worry.

You are tired of negativity and fear pulling you down and not knowing the way out.

You want to learn non attachment so that when you are faced with challenge, you accept it and use it to propel yourself forward.

Specifically, you want concrete steps and methods to learn how to be mindful and how to deepen a spiritual practice.

You want to incorporate those methods into your everyday life and your particular faith and learn to be disciplined with your meditation.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to wake up inspired by everything around you, even the most simple things?

Imagine going deep within to find Source so that you thrive in peace and joy with yourself and with others.

Even after meditating morning and evening in a Zen Dojo for 8 years, I still had questions about how to live without so much reaction in my life. I felt profound results from my practice, but it wasn’t until I found my second mentor who showed me the ways of transformation out in the world that I began to understand how to be mindful in all that I do. This changed everything for me.

I learned how to stop and take a look around, especially inside of myself !! I learned methods of a very ancient wisdom school that enabled me to gain expanded awareness and learn the Art of Self Observation.

With the present moment, we repair the past and prepare the future.

With that tool, I was able to uncover what caused my upper limits, my negative emotions, my reactions and the conflict within me. I learned a way to see within that still serves me to this day.

“I feel I have embarked on the challenging path of looking at what is going on in me with far more useful, practical tools than I have had access to in the past.   I seem to be aware of when I am aware, noticing more content and sensation and learning not to judge. With Molly, I have a commensurate increase in hope and excitement.”

Penelope Dorado, Translator, Jazz Singer, Translator

The Essential Awareness Six Week Mentorship.

Through weekly one on one sessions, I will help you create a concrete plan of action to learn the system of practical awareness. This is the first point of contact with your own transformation. You cannot change or clear anything unless you are able to perceive its existence on your own.

One of my strengths is to concretely show you how to be mindful!  Why does this matter? Because you are your attention and what you feed grows!

In this way, your spiritual practice will affect all areas of your life from family to work to abundance.

You will start to notice small changes in your ability to choose not to react, to choose not to procrastinate, to open yourself to others, to forgive yourself in utter self acceptance, and to find peace.

You can experience this kind of freedom and have a life that doesn’t drain you of energy.

“Working with Molly, I feel more grounded and have gained more perspective. I now have tools for how to come into the present and out of my head. I can excuse myself, understand my reactions and forgive myself and others for tendencies that we’ve all developed. I am better able to call on my awareness or “snap to attention”.  The most useful aspect has been learning meditation and patience with myself when my mind wandered.”

Cecile Krejsa

You will learn:


  • Guided meditations that have specific functions
  • Awareness techniques to use out in the world that will enable you to begin to see yourself in a different light.
  • The Art of Self Observation
  • An outline to move forward with a lifetime of tools.
  • How to work one on one with a mentor who has experienced freedom and extraordinary results from this spiritual system of transformation


I’ll teach you everything I do to create the life you really want to live! This is a six week program starting with a 90 minute session followed by 5 more 50 minute calls to create a disciplined practice you can carry forward for the rest of your life. We will work with weekly “themes” that help you stay oriented to the practice of that week. Together we will set you on a discipline that will change the way you conduct your life forever.

Investment: $1700
Once you book, we can discuss any questions you have and evaluate whether this is a good fit. This work is not for everyone and I want to make sure that you are fully committed and that I am the right teacher for you!!

“Since I was a child, I have longed to have a spiritual life that felt like my own. Something that felt absolutely true to who I am, because I am directly involved and ultimately responsible for the effort put forth and the courage with which I am willing to examine it all. There is really no way to quantify or even describe how extraordinary it has been to have the help of a teacher like Molly and the support of a spiritual community such as this. The impact this work has had on my life brings forth the deepest sense of gratitude and an understanding that, as is often said, the world is made better by becoming who we were meant to become. Having the tools and support to actualize this statement has value beyond words.”

Katie Seitz, Social Worker