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Energy Leaks

With all of my groups and individual mentoring going in full swing, I often see themes emerging.

There also seems to be a lot of talk around containers these days in many spiritual circles.

When it comes right down to it, much of the inner effort we do to stay present creates a stronger container which in turn makes it easier for us to be more present.

My experience tells me that as I have worked over the years, a certain tipping point of higher energy brings about breakthrough to higher understanding. My heart is more easily able to open because of the safety of the container. Permanent freedom comes from a well developed container. This container is a developed spiritual or astral body that can enable retention of refined energies.

The trick to developing a strong spiritual body that will bring about amazing change and transformation is spiritual practice focused on energy leaks. If we can spot those, we plug a hole up and the bucket gets more full. Even if we don’t see direct results from our efforts, we do gain momentum.

You get an A for effort in spiritual school because of the energy upgrade that it creates. You may not be able to detect the results through visible means at first, but if you key in, you may get a sense of more cohesion rather than a frenetic dispersed “feeling”. After a while, ease of decision making, stronger boundaries that were not there before and less reaction are indicators of fewer energy leaks. When the scale really tips because you have been doing daily practices of intentional “effort”, you have the opportunity for tremendous growth and freedom.

The balance of effort and reception is especially key right at the energetic tipping point, so like a cat at the mouse hole, with unfailing attention, you will be there when the energy is just right.

Consistent effort is very important for plugging up the leaks.

Some of the major leaks that you can begin to notice and work with are:
1) reactive emotion
2) distracted thought
3) excessive drug/alcohol use
4) dependence on distractions
5) lack of boundary
6) constant diet of negativity and intensity

The dispersed energy of reactive emotions occurs because of identification with certain roles and false beliefs. If you want to know more of what that means, read my blog on identification entitled The Tyranny of the Ego . When we find ourselves reacting, the best practice is to “cook” in it and watch it. When we do not express the emotion outwardly, for example, keep our negative thoughts to ourselves, it causes a desired inner friction and reflects proper effort. This does not mean you need to suppress the emotion, a common tactic of the Ego’s response to judging what it is experiencing…vicious cycle. It means you acknowledge it, observe it and feel it to find out more.

Distracted thought is easy to detect and simply bringing yourself back to task with no judgement is the practice . Every time you bring bodily sensation into the mix as you notice the distracted state, you are present and you have just created energy upgrade.

Obviously, it is up to you to regulate your drug and alcohol consumption, but unless you have learned to catalyze energies under the influence of permanent freedom, these substances will diminish your higher energies needed for transformation. You may be working hard to enhance attention, create inner friction through sustaining the yes and no within yourself ( see my blog Intentional Inner Friction), meditate every day and then deplete all the good energy through excessive and consistent drug and alcohol use. You will be living the life of Sisyphus rolling the stone up the hill every day and wondering why all your efforts are not getting you further along.

Dependence on distraction simply keeps you from facing the difficult things within. If you never have moments of stillness and feel you must fill the void with input, you do not get a chance to increase awareness of inner phenomena. Through attention, awareness is increased which will help you with the previous 3 leaks. Some examples of distraction are the phone, social media, TV, sports, and serial new relationships. Other signs of distraction are constant new projects that never get finished, procrastination in excess and lack of follow through. You may have shiny object syndrome where you are pulled from one thing to another without ever really applying the benefits you have learned or struggling to finish the work.

Lack of boundary gives rise to blame and anger, not to mention depression, anxiety and fatigue. When you do not take responsibility for your own feelings, you miss the real Work at hand. You deprive yourself the opportunity to shed light on your states of identification. You buffer yourself from seeing the intricate web your Ego weaves and continue to suffer and blame others. You pick up the energy of others and are unable to distinguish what is you or not you. You become a sponge for people’s negative and positive energy. Big energy leak that can also affect your health quite dramatically.

What we feed grows and a constant diet of negativity, violence, pain and even exaggerated stimuli to all the senses will numb you to the subtle. Sex is no longer exciting without associated pain , movies are boring if there are not so many frames per second or it isn’t 3D. Our attention need not be engaged because of the overstimulation and we remain asleep to the very process that will upgrade our energy system. The only result will be that we need more and more because we have not developed a way to take in a finer substance. Walk in nature and take in the very subtle nuance of color and sound. Sit still for a day and do nothing. This develops your attention and thus raises the energy level.

astral bodyAs you work with conscious effort, attention and expanded awareness, it gets easier to spot the energy leaking activities and behaviors.

Have faith that no effort goes unrewarded and your bucket will soon be brimming over.

Your life will then look and feel completely different:

You will have empathy where you were once offended.
You will find yourself choosing not to react.
You will no longer be paralyzed by fear.
You will not measure your self worth by what others think.
Your senses will become increasingly attuned to your inner voice streaming from your true essence.
Indecision will be an issue of the past.

You will not be a honing device for other people’s energy
You will finish what you started, in fact, you will be able to do more than you ever dreamed you were capable of doing.
You will move gracefully toward Self Acceptance thus learning to love others more deeply.




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  1. I always thoroughly enjoy your blogs Molly. This one is beyond excellent. Thanks

    • Dear Mark,
      Thank you for your continued support of these ideas and your immense practice of them. Seeing our negative states as energy leaks can explain so much. I am grateful that these writings serve.
      Much Love,

  2. Molly, your words and experience are gifts given gracefully to those awakening to these teachings. Thank you for continuing to explain these transformative practices with such clarity and ease.

    • Thank You, Steph for these kind words.
      Sometimes these teachings can be complicated, but once you delve in, see it within yourself and then see the progress from doing only that, you realize the profundity of it all. There is so much to notice when struggling to not live in the thought world and pull yourself into an expanded reality of freedom. Everything begins to fall into place so much more easily that way. There is much to learn and experience for us all! Love,M

  3. Molly,

    This gives me so much inspiration with how to move forward- I will be exploring energy leaks all this week 🙂

    • Dear Schuyler,
      They can be as subtle as worrying and distraction. The more you work with this, the more you see. I appreciate your thoughts! Love. M

  4. Thank you Molly, will be drinking at your fountain here you can be sure, and very grateful for it.

    • Dear Penelope,
      There is so much to this one and it is something to work with the rest of our lives. Once I started becoming very conscious about energy leaks, my efforts became more productive. See you over on the Private Group. lots of questions going on there! Love, Molly

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