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Conscious Shock



Sometimes we get really stuck. We don’t know where to go or what to do and it is at this very moment that we need conscious shock.

Let’s continue with looking at some aspects of the law of three.

I delineated in my previous video on The Law of Three that for a third force, a neutralizing force, to come in and allow a process to go forward, we need two clear and present opposing forces present. This applies to working with our transformation or a project, a trip or anything else that undergoes a process and in order for that process to go forward there is a certain point where something must come in from the outside.

I want to talk about what that constitutes and why it is called a conscious shock.

We can liken any process to a musical scale in which we move from do to re to mi, but something different happens between mi and fa. We come to this place in any process in which something else must occur. This is represented by the different interval we find between mi and fa.

On the enneagram, this is the point represented by a point on the triangle. If this something does not come in from the outside, it feels like we spin our wheels a bit. We change course. We abort mission. We give up our effort or decide to take a different direction and begin again, not realizing that to get to our endpoint, something new must occur to push the process further.

In order for something to come to fruition, we have to understand something more about how a shock can help.

Let’s look at the food table as an example to discover how eating food nourishes the body.  After the chewing and the stomach fluids works on the food, it passes into the intestines. In order to get the nutrients to the bloodstream and into each cell, another element must come in.  this is oxygen and represents the necessary shock the process must endure in order to take it to the next level.

When looking at our own conscious development, we must realize we cannot beat down the doors of heaven with our practices and our efforts. We cannot keep implementing one affirming force. At some point amongst all the effort, there is a point of reception in which God is able to enter.

There is a perfect balance of activity and receptivity that must be present for this third force to come in from elsewhere.

Often times when we are stuck, we need to realize that it is the moment to stop trying and allow something to enter from the outside.

Sometimes we do the opposite and wait around for God to help us without doing much effort except to ask. We expect the universe to answer a call without really doing anything. The saying goes, ”heaven helps those who help themselves.”

We have to do a certain kind of work and we also have to open to a certain kind of help too.

Sometimes life offers us big wacks.

They are shocks.

They wake us up.

They come from somewhere else to propel us forward. Even as a collective, we can experience shocks that spur us into action that was not possible before. That is a positive thing even though it may feel like a very bad and negative thing happening.

Accepting this unwanted thing as a shock may be frustrating, but we must learn to revere conscious shock in our lives.

Have a great week.



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