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A New Year Decree

empathis plant alchemy by Saya Woolfalk

Empathis Plant Alchemy by Saya Woolfalk


At this time of year, there is a lot of reflection and evaluating going on.  What did you accomplish? Did you reach your goals? Did you manifest what you set out to do? Can you assimilate and learn from the many mistakes made?

There is also a lot of goal setting and resolution making.  How can you improve upon your situation? How can you accel? How can you better take care of yourself?

These evaluations and resolutions usually incorporate several common categories.

Health: Are you taking enough time off? Are you exercising regularly? Are you eating well and taking the time to eat well? Is your body screaming at you in one way or another? Do you ignore and put off good body maintenance practices, like teeth cleaning, yearly check ups, etc. Are you suffering from an addiction of one form or another? Do you love your body or do you constantly criticize the way you look? Do you rest when you are tired? Do you know how to listen to your body?

Money:  How can you learn to get out of debt?  How can you be a better householder? How can you afford things that will improve your life? What investments should you make? Where should you scale back? Are you disciplined in the arena of money?  Can you stave off instant gratification? Are you an emotional spender? How can you do with less?  How can you allow yourself to have what you deserve? Are you obsessed with having more and more? Are you plagued by a scarcity mentality? Do you deprive yourself because you think it will help someone else’s lack? Are you afraid to charge enough money for your expertise? Do you carry a block about having plenty of money? Do you maintain a vibration of gratitude and abundance or one of lack and wishing you had more?

Career:  Are you enjoying what you do? Are you fulfilling equal exchange of work to money? Are you working more than is really necessary?  Are you leaving your career path the minute it gets difficult? Are you sacrificing what you really want to do for something that makes you miserable? Are you afraid to strike out on your own?

Personal:  Are your relationships fulfilling?  Are you surrounded by people who offer to you as much as you offer to them? Are you surrounded by negativity? Are you able to give without resentment? Are you uplifted and inspired by the people around you? Are you contributing to those around you? Are you enabling or making excuses for someone who is perfectly capable of taking right action? Do you let people walk all over you?  Are you afraid to say no?

Environment: Is there clutter everywhere?  Are you holding onto things because of their sentimental value? Are there things that need maintenance or replacing like gutters, chimneys, water heaters, oil changes, old dish towels, underwear and socks?  Are there places that need deep cleaning or even regular cleaning? Do you spend time being quiet? Do you have a relationship with nature?

All of these things are of importance in your life but one of the categories that affects all of these and often gets left out is spiritual. Do you discard this aspect of your life by substituting it with religion, money, and the all important acceptance from others?

You may say no to this question and not realize that is exactly what you do.

If so, your resolutions and goals will always remain rather difficult to fulfill.

The realization that your spiritual life has a direct correlation with self respect, self worth, self acceptance, gratitude, peace of mind, self care, and non attachment could radically alter your perspective and your life as you know it today.

With a practice of meditation and prayer, mindfulness and Self Observation, your world could mean something much more.  I am not saying that it makes things easier in the beginning of this kind of practice.  In many of my writings, I have emphasized the difficulty you may encounter in this kind of Work, the reality you may come to understand that you have avoided your whole life, the falsehood you have maintained which incidentally creates a more insidious kind of pain.

It’s the thing you avoid at all costs!

Without a spiritual path of self discovery, you never get to see behind your many masks.  You never gain the strength to uncover the contradiction you live on a daily basis.  You will seek to numb instead of feel. You will remain mired in negativity even though you put on that positive everything is ok act. You wonder how life has gotten so low, so depressing, so unjustified. You blame others and are so easily offended that you can’t love. You do things you wish you hadn’t. You live in regret, guilt, anxiety and anger.

Many of the questions in those above categories have to do with boundaries of a healthy nature. You cannot have good boundaries until you begin the arduous task of looking at yourself objectively and understanding what you really need and who you really are.

In so doing, your actions will no longer stem from insecurity and the need for love and approval, but from your grounded and fulfilled God nature from within.  From there, all else flows.  From there, the shit will hit the fan and you are unaffected.

From there, it’s a guaranteed good 2016.

Happy New Year!




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