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444: A Sign from the Angels

A few months ago, I woke up two nights in a row for a brief 3 minutes or so, only to look up at the clock and see 4:44. I happened across an analysis of angel numbers on FB the day after, seeing 444 across the screen. I then saw two license plates in the following 4 days with 444 on them.

Last month I had asked the Universe for a sign about some investments and the following day I awoke at 444, my grocery bill was $88.88, my tank fill up was $55.55 and my subscriber list hit 333.

It is said that 444 means you are totally backed by your Angels and that you are doing the right thing. 333 means the Ascended Masters have your back.

Now I am always seeing signs in things. I believe in messages from the Universe. I personally know my Angels and Spirit Guides, but I usually focus on my own efforts toward making progress in life, in all things spiritual and in business. I often take for granted that there is help from so many other-worldly sources, enlightened masters, and Ancient Records without my asking or needing a sign.

I have accessed this help in amazing ways throughout my life.

However, my radar is not on this realm of angels and guides because I was taught by a Master teacher that this is the imaginal world where so many people are attracted and then get distracted away from their own efforts.

Imaginal in this case does not mean imaginary, but the world of Archetypes, Angels and Images. This world is an integral part of the whole, but there is so much beyond it!!!!

Anyway, I have been struggling with an income opportunity I thought was leading me to my vision and serving my greater purpose. It was something extra that I took on seven years ago to make money. I worked very very hard at this job, for that is what it became, in order to create residual income. I have developed the best friendships of my life in that job. I have learned about entrepreneurship, money, law of attraction and staying persistent.

When I took on this endeavor, I shifted my focus away from going more pro with the things I do best; playing classical music and teaching meditation and self awareness through some very special and extraordinary means. These professions of mine are an integral part of my ultimate vision. Somehow, somewhere I acquired the belief that I couldn’t make good money doing that.

I endeavored to learn something totally new, something totally outside of my field. I vowed to give it everything I had: my time, energy, effort and resources because what was attractive was making money. I became a perfect student of the entrepreneurial world.

I vowed to give it seven years and only changed companies once.

In recent months, I changed gears out of sheer exhaustion and illness, deciding to focus solely on my actual professions, promoting the skills I have worked many, many years to refine. It has been exciting and exhilarating, but I never could have done it with this much precision and drive if it weren’t for the other outside experience. What I have learned as an entrepreneur is priceless and contributes to the success of following my passion.images_mediation_circle_500_return_to_the_heart_ladakh_india_2007

The big question in my mind was: “Is it ok for me to let go of an endeavor I put so much effort into without getting where I really wanted to go with it?

Putting it on the back burner has made life easier. I am pursuing my piano career and my meditation school with different eyes and with scads more skill. I would rather take the risk to fail at what I love than what I don’t love.

In some way, I have been asking the Universe for signs to give myself permission to do what I love the most and make good money at it.

sarahs-angel-Rose-Moxon-angels-19060657-1214-1200Sign #1: In the last month, I am having clients and students walk into my life that are of a much higher caliber. More people are flocking to my newsletter and online mentoring, both locally and internationally.

Sign #2: I get a very resounding yes from folks when promoting my services. I don’t procrastinate. I feel creative, competent, excited, passionate, inspired and really really FREE.

Sign #3: The financial success I was seeking in the other business is falling into my lap tenfold with outstanding ease as I go completely and utterly pro with the things I am passionate about.

Sign #4: 44



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  1. Molly…This is a beautiful blog post…I think you have made a very wise choice in where you are putting your energies these days…I must be channelling you, because many of your thoughts have been filtering through my heart and mind in recent months. I admire your gifts and your wisdom. Keep writing and I will keep reading…hugs, Marylou…

    • Thank you Marylou. We are here to inspire each other. It all feels right though hard to let go sometimes. We cannot do it all.

      • Bonjour,Je viens de tomber sur ton blog par hasard, et tu parles du "diorskin pure light". J'adorais ce produit, mais il n'est plus commercialisé. Depuis c'est la course pour moi pour essayer de trouver un fond de teint semblable à celui-ci. Je te demande par hasard, mais aurais-tu trouvé un produit similaire?Aussi lumineux et naturel?Je vais continuer de feuilleter ton blog (je viens de rigoler avec &qo9&;lt#3u;inconnu du 29"). Je te souhaite une bonne fin de soirée. Marine

  2. I am so incredibly proud of you Molly. You are following your life path and that is so inspiring.

    I am a Reiki Master so I understand completely how you feel pulled to do the work that you are doing and I admire your courage. The Universe gives us signs all the time, we just need to be paying attention and clearly you are, which is so wonderful.

    I look forward to reading your book and following your progress on this journey.

    All the best,

    • Thanks Linda. for those of us who can do many things, it is sometimes hard to make these choices. Sometimes life makes them for us!

  3. My recent life has had some similar elements. I have been very generous with my time and efforts working for various community groups, but gradually found my life too cluttered and full. I have taken a hard decision to quit 4 of these things that I felt were not part of my essential path. Am now able to spend more time on piano playing and teaching and am attracting many more higher level students and enjoying them. The spiritual side of my life has always been there but recently felt in need of new support and contacts and suddenly along came your blog and also contact from a friend in France I knew from the Movements, and have not spoken to for 10 years. It really does pay to make space to sit and assess your current life and have the courage to change direction.

    • Thank you Dawn for your comments. It feels so free to choose!!!

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