14 Day Meditation


Gain attention through profound awareness techniques both on and off the cushion so you can learn what actually holds you back.

The present moment is dynamic where you notice and  accept.

Deepen Your Practice. Access Your Innate Wisdom.

Journey to Previously Inaccessible Places.

It’s not just about sitting…

This 14 Day Meditation offers not only meditation but also exercises you can do out in daily life to develop attention and a means to observe yourself.

What if you had tools to cultivate better ways of noticing your inner process ?
Your awareness of self means everything for your personal transformation. If you can’t see it, you can’t change it!

Learn means to new perspective and insight.

You also get to join our tribe, The Awareness School, where you will get practices, ideas and inspiration to continue your practice.

About Molly

Molly Knight Forde, professional classical pianist and international spiritual mentor, leads people to personal transformation using wisdom teachings and unique mindfulness methods practiced out in the world, not just on the cushion. As founder of the Awareness School, she teaches the Art of Self Observation and has been facilitating global retreats, courses, as well as one on one mentoring for over 15 years. Her greatest wish is to contribute to the New Epoch by assisting individual transformation through expanded awareness, meditation, Sacred Dance and music.

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